What level is a postgraduate certification in education?


What level is a postgraduate certification in education?

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Postgraduate certification in education is considered to be at the same level as a master's degree. This is not to mean that individuals with a master's degree or higher cannot get a postgraduate certificate. It is mostly taken by individuals who want to expand their skill set in a particular field or are looking to change their specialty. They take lesser time to complete compared to other degree programs. Depending on the course you are taking, you can receive your postgraduate certification in weeks, months, or even a year. If you are seeking a postgraduate certificate in highly demanding fields such as medicine, the time could be longer than a year. Contextually, postgraduate education takes a more specialized approach compared to a master's degree that has a broader and generalized approach to subject topics. Therefore, employers are likely to consider you more for job opportunities where they require specialized skills. Besides, the postgraduate certificate will be seen as a sign of commitment to professional development, and employers could hire you for this reason.

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