What math classes do computer science majors take?


What math classes do computer science majors take?

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The required math classes for computer science majors can vary from school to school. The required courses for graduation, including the required math class for each major, is determined when the school becomes accredited. Most require something similar to the following example for a Computer Science (Application Track) at Lincoln University.

- MAT 120 (Calculus for Social Science Majors)

- MAT 213 (Discrete Mathematics)

These are the two required courses, but there are prerequisite classes that students need to take or test out of before being able to take the required courses. These include MAT 098 (Algebra I), MAT 102 (Algebra & Applications), MAT 110 (College Algebra), and MAT 117 (Finite Math).

For computer science majors in a more math-focused track, the requirements may be different. At Lincoln University, Computer Science (Math track) majors are required to take:

- MAT 121 and 122 (Calculus I and Calculus II)

- MAT 221 (Calculus III)

- MAT 213 (Discrete Mathematics)

- One math elective

It's important to research the prerequisites to the math classes required by your school. If you take these classes in high school, you may be able to validate the course and test into a higher class. If you take the Advanced Placement exam in high school, you may also be able to use your AP credit to count for these introductory prerequisite courses.

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