What math classes do finance majors take?


What math classes do finance majors take?

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The specific courses required for finance majors will vary with each school. This includes the general education requirements and the advanced mathematics courses required for finance majors. Most include similar requirements, however. Consider the following example from Pennsylvania State University.

- MAT 110 (Techniques of Calculus I)


-MAT 140 (Calculus with Analytical Geometry)

There may be prerequisites to these classes that students need to take before they can take these required classes. These can include Algebra II or II, College Algebra, or Statistics. Students who took these classes for college credit in high school or who passed the accompanying AP exam might be able to get credit or skip ahead to more advanced classes earlier in their college career.

Both of these courses satisfy the general education math requirement to graduate from Penn State. Students must earn a "C" grade or higher for this class to count as one of their required courses. Many finance courses do incorporate math as part of the curriculum. This includes the required courses FIN 460 (Real Estate Financial Analysis) and others. Finance majors should have a strong foundation in math and take additional math classes as needed. Students can also choose to take additional math classes as an elective. Penn State requires 9 additional credits within any discipline from an approved elective list (including math).

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