Where do most psychology majors work?


Where do most psychology majors work?

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Psychology is a field that offers plenty of job opportunities. Even though you will need to get a master's degree or even a doctoral degree for a high job position in psychology, a bachelor's degree will enable you to work in different areas. For example, a very common industry for psychology majors is human resources. Psychology majors often have the required knowledge and skills to work in a human resources department and they are very demanded in this industry. Many psychology majors also branch out to counseling. Career counseling is a very popular area for psychology majors that want to start their career in counseling. Psychology majors can also be found in sales companies as salespersons or working in the marketing team. Since psychology majors have developed research and data analysis skills throughout their education, it is common for them to work in research after they graduate. With a bachelor's degree, you will be able to work as a research assistant.

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