Where would a law career meet a finance career?


Where would a law career meet a finance career?

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Finance careers are broadly defined by their management of monetary matters, financial analysis abilities, and ties to business done globally or domestically. There are several facets of law (arguably all of them to a great extent) that involve themselves with finance. Examples of lawyer types that deal heavily with finances include finance lawyers, tax lawyers, securities lawyers, antitrust lawyers, banking lawyers, estate planning lawyers, bankruptcy lawyers, divorce lawyers, workers compensation lawyers - essentially, any and all law practices that have to do with upholding people's rights to property or settling various disputes will take the cake herein.

So, to answer the question, nearly all areas of law have a financial intersection to their work; therefore, there are plenty of careers one could choose from and pursue in the legal world that would fulfill that finance-related qualification. When it comes to how the legal profession runs, money is always in the equation.

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