Which can be self-taught the easiest -- computer science or finance/economics?


Which can be self-taught the easiest -- computer science or finance/economics?

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Each of these subjects can be self-taught. The degree of ease will often depend on your passion, commitment, and motivations. Some individuals will root for computer science as being an easier subject, whereas others will root for finance/economics as being easier. That said, computer science is a highly technical subject, and this implies that you will require hands-on practice. In today's world, there is a large number of easily accessible courses in computer science on the internet. Some of the leading tech organizations have developed programs to help guide individuals through computer learning with programs designed for beginners, intermediates, and even for experts seeking to advance their skills. This availability of a vast pool of resources makes it easier to teach your self computer science. On the other end, finance is also a highly technical subject. Similarly, there are many online resources that you can access and teach yourself about finance/economics. To become competent in these subjects, practice is vital. One must be willing to put in work over and over.

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