Which degree is harder to get: accounting or business finance?


Which degree is harder to get: accounting or business finance?

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The curriculums for both degrees, accounting and business finance, are challenging. Which degree is harder to get depends on your perspective. To earn an accounting degree, you need to complete coursework in the principles of accounting, the principles of auditing, and the fundamentals of taxation. You need to learn about both financial and managerial accounting, and how to prepare and analyze the financial statements used in both types of accounting. You need to understand the information systems used in accounting, and you need to be knowledgeable about ethics in accounting. To succeed as an accountant, you must have good organizational skills and be adept at using and interpreting mathematical functions. To earn a business finance degree, you also need to learn the principles and basics of accounting. But with a business finance degree, you will focus more on understanding money and how to manage it. You will learn the principles of finance and study each of the markets where financial transactions occur. You will learn about investments, international finance, banking, and risk management. You also will gain an understanding of economics and the legal requirements of business. An accounting degree tends to be more focused, while a business finance degree covers a broader spectrum of topics.

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