Why might a medical assistant use the physician's desk reference?


Why might a medical assistant use the physician's desk reference?

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As front-line healthcare and medical professionals that are often qualified to administer both over-the-counter and prescription medications to patients, it is imperative for such individuals to understand basic pharmacology, including how to properly handle and store drugs, how to administer drugs for efficacy and safety, how to read prescription manufacturers' instructions and guidelines, etc. Carefully articulating these drug-based procedures, rules, etc., the Physicians' Desk Reference (PDR) is an official medical resource that many healthcare workers, including medical assistants, use to locate specific information for any prescription drug, which the drug manufacturers directly provide. Renamed to avoid confusion and make the information more readily available, the Physicians' Desk Reference is now known as the Prescribers' Digital Reference (PDR). Still containing the same type of drug content, the PDR can be openly accessed online by anyone with internet access. Because most clinics and hospitals have reliable computers to store patient records, prescribe medication, etc., it is now much easier for medical assistants, physicians, and anyone else who handles prescriptions drug matters to reference the respective drug information.

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