Would it be better take online courses in C++ or Java programming languages?


Would it be better take online courses in C++ or Java programming languages?

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There are several factors to consider before investing one's self in learning a programming language. Understanding the demand, the difficulty, and the prospects in regards to each language is important to know before committing a significant time in order to become proficient in either language. Currently, JavaScript is one of the most popular languages in computer programming and most developers will need some experience with it for web and game development. However, Java is listed in most job posting requirements. On top of that, C++ and Java are often the first languages learned at universities. In truth, there is a vast array of languages to learn and certain jobs or fields have a particular preferences. In addition, programming languages are constantly evolving, and what was dominant a few years ago, can become outdated. Generally, C++ is good to know for game development and Java is good for working in large tech companies. Therefore, conduct additional research on both programs to see if they are best suited to what career one is interested in. It is possible that both languages are not appealing, and a third option, like JavaScript, could be the better option.

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