Careers for Energetic People

Working with the public often means that you don't have time to sit still at work. Many careers require workers to be on their feet all day, and for those with a lot of energy, this is a desirable quality in a job.

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Career Options for Energetic People

Some careers require more physical activity than others. In fact, some require that you rarely sit down. Take a look below at some great career options for energetic people.

Job Title Median Salary (2016)* Job Growth (2014-2024)*
Sports Coach $31,460 (for all coaches and scouts) 6% (for all coaches and scouts)
Professional Athlete $47,710 (for all athletes and sports competitors) 6% (for all athletes and sports competitors)
Material Mover $24,880 (for all hand laborers and material movers) 5% (for all hand laborers and material movers)
Detective $61,600 (for all police and detectives) 4% (for all police and detectives)
Registered Nurse $68,450 16%
Chef $43,180 (for all chefs and head cooks) 9% (for all chefs and head cooks)
Kindergarten Teacher $52,620 6% (for all kindergarten and elementary teachers)
Pet Groomer $22,230 (for all animal care and service workers) 11% (for all animal care and service workers)
Babysitter $21,170 (for all childcare workers) 5% (for all childcare workers)
Event Planner $47,350 (for all meeting, convention, and event planners) 10% (for all meeting, convention, and event planners)

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Information for Energetic People

Sports Coach

Coaches tend to be on call most of the time, meaning they are available day and night. They work with young, amateur athletes to help them become better at their sport. They must plan and organize practices, strategize about which players are likely to make the team better, and constantly provide motivation and encouragement. They usually work at high schools and universities and travel to away games. They need a bachelor's degree and experience with the game they are coaching.

Professional Athlete

Professional athletes play sports games to entertain their fans and the general public. In order to play competitively and win games, athletes must practice frequently and follow diets to keep their bodies in shape. They must also be aware of maintaining their own equipment to keep it in good condition. Athletes don't need a college degree, but they must be at the top of their game and have strong knowledge about their sport in order to be competitive in this field.

Material Mover

A material mover is someone who is employed to move heavy materials, such as product stock, packages, and freight. They may also clean cars and trucks, pick up items that homeowners no longer want, and pack materials. Material movers tend to work in warehouses. They do not need a college degree, but must be physically able to do the work.


Detectives have very busy jobs. They travel to and from crime scenes gathering evidence and interviewing potential witnesses to gather facts. They also enforce laws, keep an eye on suspects, and get cases ready to go to court. They may need a bachelor's degree depending on the location where they get hired, but they do generally need to at least pass the training academy offered by their agency.

Registered Nurse

Nurses work in health facilities like hospitals, doctor's offices, or nursing homes. Their job is to prepare a care plan for patients and educate the patient and their families about proper wellness care. They observe patients, monitor medical equipment, perform diagnostic tests, and record what occurs while a patient is in their care. Registered nurses can either get a bachelor's, associate's, or diploma in this field, but to become a registered nurse, they have to be licensed.


Chefs are in charge of the food preparation in kitchens at restaurants and any place that serves food. They not only plan menus and decide how meals will look, but they manage kitchen staff and are responsible for any concerns that arise about food. They must also pay careful attention to food safety and sanitation. Most often they need a high school diploma and work experience, but many choose to be trained in programs offered at community colleges, culinary schools, or technical schools.

Kindergarten Teacher

A kindergarten teacher instructs young students in basic math, science, social studies and reading. Their job is to prepare young learners for higher grades, and they usually work in private or public elementary schools. They need at least a bachelor's degree, and kindergarten teachers in public schools must be certified or licensed by their state.

Pet Groomer

A pet groomer's tasks mainly include bathing pets and keeping their fur and nails trimmed. They may also be skilled at soothing nervous animals, applying special topical solutions to pets with skin or fur issues, and taking care of ticks and fleas. They often work at animal clinics or grooming boutiques. They usually just need at least a high school diploma and on-the-job-training.


A babysitter's job is mainly to entertain children while their parents are occupied during an event. Sometimes organizations like resorts or hotels will hire babysitters to work full days to occupy children while their parents are in meetings. Often babysitters are hired by private families to watch their children while the parents are at work. They usually don't require any educational qualifications, but some places can require babysitters to have at least a certificate in early childhood education.

Event Planner

Event planners work for a variety of different employers, such as hotels, convention centers, or themselves. Their job typically entails planning meetings or events as well as transportation of guests to and from the event location. They tend to travel to meetings sites and often work more hours during the events they have planned. They usually need a bachelor's degree and experience in the field, along with strong written and verbal communication skills.

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