Careers for Extrovert Intuitives (Myers Briggs)

According to the Myers Briggs personality assessment, some people are extroverted intuitive, meaning they love exploring new ideas and like to live in a world where anything is possible. Find out about some of the career options for individuals with these personality traits here.

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Career Options for Extroverted Intuitive Individuals

Extroverted intuitive individuals live in the world of possibilities. They are future minded and always looking for new ideas to explore, thoughts to consider, dreams to pursue, and ways to grow and improve. These types of people are unable to let a good opportunity pass them by, even if they aren't exactly sure of the outcome. They are generally very open minded and are able to process multiple ideas at one time. Brainstorming comes naturally to them as their minds move rapidly and allow them to make connections between outwardly dissimilar ideas. These tendencies make extroverted intuitive individuals prime candidates for a number of different careers, some of which we will discuss here.

Job Title Median Salary (2016)* Job Growth (2014-2024)*
Emergency Management Director $70,500 6%
Advertising Manager $100,810 (for all advertising and promotions managers) 5% (for all advertising and promotions managers)
Lawyer $118,160 6%
Market Research Analyst $62,560 19%
Writer/Author $61,240 2%

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Information for Extroverted Intuitive Individuals

Emergency Management Director

Emergency management directors are responsible for managing crises, natural disasters, and various other types of emergencies. As an emergency management director, you would constantly be facing new challenges, which would require quick and creative solutions. Extroverted intuitive individuals are well suited for this type of thinking, as their minds are constantly working to think of new solutions and ideas. To become an emergency management director, you generally need a bachelor's degree as well as several years of work experience in the field.

Advertising Manager

Advertising managers are generally employed by companies to help create advertising campaigns to promote products and services. These professionals are usually very creative, as they need to be able to constantly think of new ways to advertise the same products. Because extroverted intuitive individuals love brainstorming, a career as an advertising manager may be ideal as it would allow them to put this skill to good use. Advertising managers usually have a bachelor's degree in a field like marketing or advertising, along with a few years of work experience.


While a career in law may not immediately stand out as a creative choice, lawyers are actually often called upon to be creative problem solvers. They are constantly confronted with new cases, new clients, and unique sets of circumstances. While the law doesn't often change, lawyers have to be creative in their application of the law in order to figure out how to best represent their clients. Lawyers must be able to think quickly, take in a lot of unrelated information, and make informed connections. Extroverted intuitive individuals are naturally very gifted in this area, making them great potential lawyers. To become a lawyer, individuals must obtain a bachelor's degree and then a law degree, spending seven years total in school, before passing the bar examination for their state.

Market Research Analyst

Market research analysts are experts at predicting market trends. Companies often employ them to help them predict the demand for a product or service so that they can know how much to produce and how much money they could potentially make. Like extroverted intuitive individuals, market research analysts must be able to take in many pieces of different information and draw connections between them in order to come to logical conclusions. Because the market is ever changing, the often fleeting attention span of extroverted intuitives would be able to stay focused. To become a market research analyst, individuals would need at least a bachelor's degree, while some positions may require a master's degree.

Writer or Author

As creative individuals, writers and authors could work in a number of different capacities. Some may be employed by magazines or newspapers, covering news and writing articles. Others may write novels or non-fiction books, depending on their areas of interest. Regardless of the specifics, extroverted intuitive individuals would likely make great writers and authors because of their unending capacity for understanding new ideas and their unquenchable search for new knowledge. Whether this is put to use when writing a long investigative journalism piece or in researching details for a historically accurate work of fiction, the field of writing is full of possibilities, which is exactly the way an extroverted intuitive individual likes it. To become a writer or author, most individuals pursue a bachelor's degree in a field like journalism, communication, or English.

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