Careers for Gamers

Jan 19, 2020

Find out how gamers may be interested in finding a career path that will allow them to continue developing their love of video games and be compensated for the same.

Career Options for Gamers

Many individuals love playing video games and may want to make a living by finding a career that involved gaming in some way. Fortunately, there are a number of careers that would allow you to work with video games, from a programming and design standpoint as well as a testing one. Below we will look at five different careers that may be good options for gamers.

Job Title Median Salary (2018)* Job Growth (2018-2028)*
Video Game Designer $90,270*** 7-10%***
Computer Programmer $84,280 -7% (decline)
Multimedia Artist and Animator $72,520 4%
Graphics Engineer $78,611 (2019)** 3% (for all graphic designers)
Announcer $31,990 -5% (decline)
Game Tester $13.37 (per hour) (2019)** Not Available

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, **, ***O*Net

Career Information for Jobs for Gamers

Video Game Designer

Video game designers are the individuals that come up with the initial concepts for new games, including storylines, characters, and main game features. They work closely with other designers, programmers, and animators to bring their vision for the game to life. To become a video game designer, a bachelor's degree in a computer or programming related field is usually helpful.

Computer Programmer

As a lover of video games, you may be interested in creating new games by becoming a computer programmer. Programmers are responsible for writing the codes that allows a video game to come to life on a computer or gaming console. They may work closely with other team members, like animators and graphics professionals, to make sure the game is operating correctly. To become a computer programmer, you generally need a bachelor's degree in a subject like computer science.

Multimedia Artist and Animator

As a multimedia artist or animator, you could focus your skills on creating the designs, including the characters and the worlds, of video games. You would be responsible for creating graphics and animation using different types of computer programs. You may also play a role in outlining the overall storyline of the game to create a seamless gaming experience for users. To become a multimedia artist or animator, you will generally need a bachelor's degree in a field like computer graphics or art.

Graphics Engineer

A graphics engineer is another key member of a video game creation team. These technical professionals may focus on an area like 3D graphics. They may take the designs created by the multimedia animator and bring them into a fuller dimension using software programs. Their main job is assessing and perfecting all the graphics of the game and bringing the storyline to life. To become a graphics engineer, you will generally need a bachelor's degree and experience in working with various types of web and design software.


As the gaming world continues to grow more serious and there are more and more professional gaming conventions and competitions, there are some individuals who pursue careers as game announcers. Much like in any other sport, announcers provide live play-by-play updates and analysis at video game competitions. Having personal knowledge of the games being played and the video game community in general is helpful in being an effective announcer. To become an announcer, having a bachelor's degree in afield like journalism or communication is the traditional route, though many video game announcers get their start by narrating gaming videos on YouTube.

Game Tester

Perhaps the ultimate job for a gamer, game testers play video games for a living. After a game has been fully developed and designed, it is often released to a group of game testers. It is the responsibility of these individuals to play through the game in order to identify any bugs in the game, flaws in the storyline or design, and whether the game is compelling and fun. They share their feedback with the designers so they can ultimately improve the game for a wider audience. There are no specific qualifications to become a game tester, though more competitive positions may require a college degree and an ability to communicate effectively.

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