Careers for Happy People

Happy people can work numerous jobs across any career field, but some may be more suited for these individuals than others. Explore a handful of career options for contented people and learn about each job's expected growth rate and education requirements.

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Career Options for Happy People

Happy people can likely excel at any career that interests them and/or utilizes their personal set of skills, but some jobs may be more ideal for people with a happier disposition than others. These jobs tend to involve interacting with people, as well as incorporating a happy person's personal interests, like faith, traveling, or being outdoors, to maintain their level of contentment. Below is a small selection of the possible career options for happy people.

Job Title Median Salary (2016)* Job Growth (2014-2024)*
Directors, Religious Activities and Education $38,610 4%
Registered Nurses $68,450 16%
Elementary School Teachers $55,800 (elementary school teachers, except special education) 6%
Photographers $34,070 3%
Animal Care and Service Workers $22,230 11%
Recreation Workers $23,870 10%
Travel Guides $32,100 0%

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

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Career Information about Careers for Happy People

Directors, Religious Activities and Education

Happy people may enjoy and do well at sharing their faith with others as a director of religious activities and education. Many job titles fall under this category, including children's ministry director, women's ministry director, or religious education coordinator. These people are responsible for developing and implementing programs to help various groups of people learn and grow in their faith. They often need to find volunteers for their programs, train volunteers and inform the congregation and/or public about their programs. These directors usually need at least a bachelor's degree.

Registered Nurses

Patients in various medical facilities would most likely appreciate having a happy and kind registered nurse (RN) providing some of their care. Cheerful people in this position would do well providing patients with emotional support and encouragement throughout treatments, as well as explaining the condition and care needs to patients and their families. RNs also administer medications as needed, perform medical tests, observe reactions to treatment and are trained on various kinds of medical equipment. All RNs must hold a valid license, but education can vary from a diploma to an associate's or bachelor's degree.

Elementary School Teachers

A sunny disposition is also well received with children. These educators are responsible for teaching young children the basic skills needed in areas such as reading, writing and math, through fun, age-appropriate activities. These teachers also stay in contact with parents to update them on student progress and may work one-on-one with students who are struggling. Elementary school teachers need at least a bachelor's degree and must have a state license or certification to teach at a public school.


Happy people may enjoy having a creative outlet in a career as a photographer, as well as being able to attract clients with their personality. Photographers may work as fine arts photographers, portrait photographers, or news photographers, which will determine how much they interact with others. Most photographers use digital cameras, various lighting techniques and special photo-enhancing software to capture the images that they want/need. Most photographers do not need a formal education, but some kinds of photography may require a bachelor's degree, and photographers need to keep a professional portfolio of their work to show potential clients.

Animal Care and Service Workers

Cheerful individuals may also do well working with and gaining the trust of animals. As an animal care and service worker, which includes jobs like animal trainers, pet sitters, and kennel attendants, you will provide basic care to dogs, cats and other nonfarm animals. This may require feeding, bathing, exercising, grooming, and cleaning up after animals. The majority of animal care and service workers learn on the job and have a high school diploma, but there may be some positions that call for a bachelor's degree.

Recreation Workers

A job as a recreation worker may suit happy people as they get to lead a variety of different activities and interact with various groups of individuals. Recreation workers can find employment at playgrounds, parks, camps, and recreation centers, to teach a wide array of activities to children or adults. They may lead arts and crafts, music programs, adventure programs, or sports, and usually are required to provide the necessary equipment and explain the rules of the activity to the participants. Recreation workers typically have a high school diploma and learn on the job.

Travel Guides

Happiness may also go a long way while interacting and working with tourists and travelers as a travel guide. These guides plan and coordinate different kinds of tours or expeditions for tourists and must calmly resolve any issues or problems that arise with the plans. Travel guides take care of all the details of the trip, provide information about the trip and attractions to the clients and may be asked to evaluate the services of the tour for future use. They usually learn on the job and have at least a high school diploma.

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