Careers for Homebodies

Jan 19, 2020

For homebodies, having the opportunity to stay in their own dwellings as much as possible is ideal. This makes work-from-home jobs a great choice for these individuals, especially since more and more jobs can be done without stepping out the door.

Career Options for Homebodies

Homebodies are people who enjoy staying in their own environments without feeling the need or obligation to leave unless wanted. Having the ability to work from home may be ideal for these individuals, as it would free them from the obligation of leaving to go to work every day. Luckily, there are more work-from-home career possibilities than ever before, and we will discuss five different options.

Job Title Average Salary (2018)* Job Growth (2018-2028)*
Management Analyst $83,610 14%
Baker $26,520 6%
Editor $59,480 -3%
Graphic Designer $50,370 3%
Technical Writer $71,850 8%

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)

Career Information on Jobs for Homebodies

Management Analyst

Management analysts, or management consultants, are efficiency experts who are often employed by organizations and companies to suggest ways of improving efficiency, solving problems, and developing new methods of how to conduct business. As of 2014, the BLS said that about 1 in 5 analysts were self-employed, which is good news for homebodies, as it would give them the ability to work from their own residences, set their own hours, and decide how often they wish to work. While it will be necessary to occasionally travel to a client's site or office, they could always return to their home office rather than having to go back to their employer's space. To become a management consultant, you generally need at least a bachelor's degree.


As a baker, you will bake breads, cookies, cakes, and various other types of baked goods and may specialize in a particular type of good, like wedding or event cakes. While most bakers do work in bakeries, restaurants, factories, and grocery stores, it's possible to work from home. Homebodies may enjoy the perk of working from their own kitchens, though making deliveries may be a necessary component of the job, and you'll need to check with your particular state about any necessary permits and licenses. To become a baker, no formal education is necessary, though some individuals do complete on-the-job training, culinary school, or apprenticeships.


Editors generally do not create content, but are responsible for reading other people's work to check for mistakes, like spelling errors and typos, and to make sure the writing is comprehensible and clear. Some may work as publication editors, which primarily involves working with books and manuscripts, while others may be copy editors, which includes editing writing in accordance to editorial policy. While many editors work in an office setting, more and more of them are working in their own homes. To become an editor, you generally need a degree in a field like journalism, English, or communication along with previous writing and proofreading experience.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are employed by clients to create different types of visuals, from company logos to designs for billboards or promotional materials. They often use a variety of design software, like layout software and photo-editing software. Because graphic design work is mainly done on a computer, this is a job that could be done from home, as about 1 in 5 graphic designers were self-employed in 2018, according to the BLS. To become a graphic designer, you generally need a bachelor's degree in that or a related field.

Technical Writer

Technical writing involves creating different types of documents that contain complex technical information, such as how-to guides, instruction manuals for how to build something, or product guides. While all types of writing rely on accuracy and research, technical writing is very detail-oriented, and writers who have prior knowledge or experience in the field in which they are writing about may be in higher demand. Some technical writers are self-employed or work on a freelance and contractual basis with companies, often allowing them to work from home. To become a technical writer, you will usually need a bachelor's degree in a journalism or writing field, though some specialized positions may require you to have knowledge in fields like engineering or medicine.

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