Careers for People Over 50

Jan 17, 2020

Career Options for People Over 50

Sometimes in our lives we look for a change, such as a switch in careers. If you are over the age of 50, you may be looking for a new career that suits your lifestyle yet also utilizes your life experience. Below you will find helpful career options for people over 50.

Job Title Median Salary (2018)* Job Growth (2018-2028)*
Interpreter $49,930 (for all interpreters and translators) 19% (for all interpreters and translators)
Author $62,170 (for all writers and authors) Little to no change (for all writers and authors)
Customer Service Representative $33,750 -2%
Medical Assistant $33,610 23%
Business Consultant $83,610 (for all management analysts) 14% (for all management analysts)
Library Assistant $29,640 (for all library technicians and assistants) -3% (for all library technicians and assistants)

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Information for People Over 50


Interpreters are fluent in more than one language and verbally translate from one language into another. They often work in places like schools, courtrooms, or hospitals. In the U.S., they are fluent in English and one other language. This is a good career for someone over 50 because they may have mastered another language, and since the field is fast-growing, there should be plenty of positions available. In addition, about 22% of interpreters and translators were self-employed , according to 2018 data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. An interpreter usually needs a bachelor's degree.


Authors are writers who compose works of either fiction or non-fiction to be purchased and read by the public. An author typically publishes books or articles either in print or online. Many authors work from home and pass their work on to editors and publishers. This career might work for someone over 50 because they have some more life experience to draw on to create more vivid stories, and working from home is an option. Authors usually have a bachelor's degree in English or something similar, although not all publishers care about education as much as the quality of writing and how fresh the perspective is.

Customer Service Representative

Customer service representatives handle customer complaints, inquiries, and orders over the phone or online. Sometimes they can work from home as long as they have a dedicated phone line. They usually don't need more than a high school diploma. This is a good job for someone over 50 because if they can work from home, that means less activity, and since this career option has strong job growth, it is likely there will be lots of positions available.

Medical Assistant

Medical assistants perform clerical and minor medical tasks for doctors in places like hospitals or doctors' offices. They might write down patient history, take blood pressure, schedule appointments, and get blood samples ready for tests. They might also fill out insurance paperwork. Medical assistants can find jobs with only a high school diploma and get on-the-job training, but many prefer to get a certificate in this discipline to increase their odds of getting a job. This career might work for someone over 50 because it does not require a lot of physical labor--especially if he or she takes on an administrative medical assisting position that focuses only on clerical duties.

Business Consultant

Business consultants, also called management analysts, help businesses run more efficiently by spotting the reasons for problems and offering solutions. They might interview people, analyze financial data, and follow up with managers who are implementing their changes. Business consultants usually need at least a bachelor's degree as well as years of work experience in information technology, human resources, or management. Some may also obtain the Certified Management Consultant (CMC) credential to stand out in the job market. This job would be good for someone over 50 who has worked in the business world and is looking to use their expertise in a different way than they've been doing.

Library Assistant

Library assistants work alongside librarians to manage a library, including such tasks as issuing new library cards, receiving returned materials, answering phones, and so on. They might be assigned to different areas, such as helping patrons find books or handling additions to the collection. Library assistants often only need a high school diploma. This is a viable option for someone over 50 because this job is quiet and does not require a lot of physical labor.

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