Careers for People Who Love Books

For individuals who love books, working with and being exposed to various literary materials may be a fulfilling job. Here, you can check a number of fields that offer work which can cater your interest in books.

Career Options for People Who Love Books

While many people enjoy reading, there are some individuals who may want to use their love of books as a way to launch a career. Being able to choose among various career paths that involve books will likely depend on your individual skills, educational background, and future aspirations. We will look at a few of these career possibilities below.

Job Title Median Salary (2016)* Job Growth (2014-2024)*
Author $61,240 (for writers and authors) 2% (for writers and authors)
Editor $57,210 -5%
Postsecondary Literature Teacher $63,730 10%
Librarian $57,680 2%
Customer Service Representative (CSR) in a Bookstore $32,300 (for all CSRs) 10% (for all CSRs)

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Information for People Who Love Books


Authors are individuals who write books, short stories, and other types of written work. People who love books and are also skilled writers may be inspired to try to write their own book and become a professional author. Authors may write different types of books, from biographies to works of fiction, and they may also be responsible for developing storylines, conducting background research, and working with editors to fine-tune drafts. While anyone could potentially become an author, having a background in English or journalism may be helpful in order to develop strong writing skills.


Editors work with all types of written work, from newspaper articles to academic journals, but it is possible for an editor to specialize in editing books. As a book editor, you will work closely with the author of the book and give them feedback on the drafts they submit. In addition to checking drafts for typographical and grammatical errors, you will also provide feedback regarding character development, the progression of the story, and the overall content of the book. To become an editor, having a bachelor's degree in a field like communications or English is helpful, along with experience in proofreading.

Postsecondary Literature Teacher

For an individual who loves books, you may be interested in a career that would allow you to share your passion and interest in books with students, which is possible as a postsecondary literature teacher. As a literature teacher, you will design and instruct courses based on various types of literature, like 20th-century literature. Generally, you will assign students to read certain books and then discuss them thoroughly during class and assign essays and other work based on the books. To become a postsecondary literature teacher, you will need at least a master's degree in a field related to literature, like English.


Perhaps one of the ultimate jobs for a book lover, librarians are responsible for helping individuals take advantage of the resources available in a library, typically including a large collection of books. In addition to helping users find the books and information they need, librarians are also responsible for maintaining the library's book collection and adding new books as necessary to keep the collection up to date. Some librarians may hold specific roles, like an academic librarian who works at a college or university, or a user services librarian who helps users conduct research. To become a librarian, you will generally need a master's degree in library sciences.

Customer Service Representative in a Bookstore

Some book lovers may be interested in working as a customer service representative in a bookstore. In addition to helping customers locate the books they are looking for, handling returns and purchases, and making sure the store remains organized and properly stocked, you may also get the opportunity to recommend books to customers based on their interests. To become a customer representative in a bookstore, you will likely need a high school diploma and will receive training once hired.

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