Careers for People with ENTP Personality Type (Myers Briggs)

ENTP personality types are known for being flexible, creative and logical. They are extroverts who are skilled orators and love verbal debate. Careers for those with the ENTP (extroverted, intuitive, thinking, perceiving) personality type vary widely, but usually focus on human interaction and communication.

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Career Options for ENTP Personality Types

It's possible to think of ENTP personality types as consummate learners, because understanding is important to them. They focus that desire for understanding on their world and their experiences and are able to assess situations quickly. They love to talk, and are sometimes referred to as debaters. ENTP personality types are also very creative.

Job Title Median Salary* (2016) Growth* (2014-2024)
Actor $18.70 per hour 10%
Lawyer $118,160 annually 6%
Marketing Managers $131,180 annually 9%
Medical Scientist $80,530 annually 8%
Postsecondary Teacher $75,430 annually 13%
Psychologist $75,230 annually 19%
Sales Managers $117,960 annually 5%
Writers and Authors $61,240 annually 2%

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Information for ENTP Personality Types


Although actors don't need a degree, they may choose to take some studies in drama or theater. The ability to perform is critical to their success, and ENTP personality types can be effective actors because of their verbal communication skills. Acting is a career field that lets ENTP personality types tap into their creativity, since they get to perform different roles for live theater, commercials, movies or TV shows.


Lawyers perform a wide range of tasks that include discussing legal matters with clients, advising them on a legal strategy, filing legal motions when needed and representing their clients in court. Since ENTPs love to use verbal communication to debate, they might feel at home in a courtroom setting that allows them to argue on behalf of their clients. Lawyers need to pass the bar exam in their state to practice law; before taking the bar exam, they must complete a law degree.

Marketing Manager

Marketing managers need creativity and exceptional communication skills, which are characteristics of an ENTP personality type. Marketing managers need a bachelor's degree. They help develop products or services, figure out how much to charge, and determine how to improve the product or service so that it is successful. ENTP personality types can be effective marketing managers because they are skilled at expressing their views and know how to get the interest of their audience.

Medical Scientist

A Ph.D. or medical degree is necessary to become a medical scientist. These professionals focus on research related to medical conditions and treatments. A career as a medical scientist will appeal to the logical nature and innovative thinking of an ENTP personality type. It also indulges their curiosity and pursuit of knowledge.

Postsecondary Teacher

The range of tasks that postsecondary teachers perform may appeal to ENTP personality types, who don't like routine. Teachers get to conduct research, teach classes, assess students and may also write or make presentations about their research. The opportunity to debate material with students, verbally inform students about course material and discuss topics of interest to their field of expertise are all things that appeal to ENTP personality types. Postsecondary teachers usually need a doctoral degree, although it may be possible to start out in some community colleges with a master's degree.


Psychologists perform research focused on behavior, emotions and how the brain works. They need a doctoral degree in their field, and their work can involve developing treatments for patients. ENTP personality types may be drawn to this field because it compliments their pursuit of understanding and gives them the opportunity to interact with patients. It's also a career field that utilizes their ability to assess people and situations to understand behavioral and emotional issues.

Sales Managers

A bachelor's degree is necessary for a career as a sales manager. Sales managers also usually have prior work experience in sales. Since sales managers address customer issues and analyze data that's used to make business decisions, they get to draw on an ENTP personality type's strengths at assessing people and situations and drawing conclusions.

Writers and Authors

Writers and authors spend part of their time communicating information in written form. Part of their time is also spent researching the topic they're writing about, or developing ideas. Since ENTP personality types have a strong imagination and are perceptive, a career as a writer or author may appeal to them. Writers and authors need a bachelor's degree in a relevant subject area, such as communications or English.

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