Careers for People with INTJ Personality Type (MBTI)

INTJ personality types are introverts, who are intuitive thinkers and judgers, according to the Meyers-Briggs personality type assessment. A very small part of the population possesses this personality type. This article will discuss career options for people with an INTJ personality.

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Career Options for INTJ Personality Types

People with an INTJ personality type enjoy working alone and can be very independent, which can also make them effective leaders. They are sometimes referred to as architects or scientists, referencing their strategic and analytical talents. They are insightful and able to apply theories and develop effective proposals and solutions.

Job Title Median Salary* (2016) Job Growth* (2014-2024)
Accountants and Auditors $68,150 11%
Biochemists and Biophysicists $82,180 8%
Civil Engineers $83,540 8%
Judges $125,880 (judges, magistrate judges and magistrates) 1% (judges magistrate judges and magistrates)
Lawyers $118,160 6%
Medical Doctors $208,000 (physicians and surgeons) 14% (physicians and surgeons)
Medical Scientists $80,530 8%
Postsecondary Teachers $75,430 13%
Technical Writers $69,850 10%

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Information for INTJ Personality Types

Accountants and Auditors

A bachelor's degree is required to be an accountant or auditor; certification may be needed as well. Accountants and auditors spend a lot of time working alone reviewing financial information, thus the working conditions favor the INTJ's preference for solitude and their analytical strengths. Accountants and auditors also benefit from the INTJ's strategic strengths because part of their job may involve making recommendations to their clients about how to save money and make their business more profitable.

Biochemists and Biophysicists

Research is the focus of biochemists and biophysicists. They may work independently to perform studies and experiments as part of their research, and may also oversee their lab and a team of staff. This suits INTJ personality types because they demand attention to detail and professionalism, so they make good managers in this context. A Ph.D. in a relevant subject area is needed in order to pursue a career in this field.

Civil Engineers

With a bachelor's degree in civil engineering technology or civil engineering, it's possible to become a civil engineer. Civil engineers also usually need to be licensed. They're involved in all stages of building projects, and may create plans and oversee the construction of things such as roads or bridges. The INTJ personality's strategic strength is an asset for civil engineers, because they are able to work independently, analyze information, form conclusions and make recommendations based on all of the relevant factors.


Judges may need to research subjects, review evidence and apply the law to legal proceedings. They review appropriate laws and material to make rulings about the cases they hear. This is a career ideally suited to the INTJ personality type because they're insightful and capable of reviewing a variety of variables to reach conclusions. A law degree and experience gained from working as a lawyer is usually required to become a judge.


Like judges, lawyers need a law degree. They also need to pass the bar exam so that they can practice law. Lawyers use the law and the information they receive from their clients to make recommendations to their clients, and they may develop a legal strategy and take appropriate legal action on their clients' behalf based on those recommendations. Since INTJ personality types are strategists by nature, they are ideally suited for a profession such as this, which involves considering data and then determining the best course of action to reach their clients' desired result in a legal matter.

Medical Doctors

A medical doctor is responsible for the medical care of their patients. They need a medical degree, and must complete several years of academic and practical training. Since their career involves gathering information from their patients and analyzing that information to form conclusions, INTJ personality types can thrive in this profession. Medical doctors also have the opportunity to take advantage of the INTJ's strategic skills by developing treatment plans for their patients.

Medical Scientists

A medical scientist needs a Ph.D. or medical degree. They have an opportunity to utilize the analytical and observation skills INTJ personality types possess. They also may spend a lot of time working independently, which is ideal for INTJ personality types. Medical scientists develop studies, which they run, and they use their observations and the data they collect to form conclusions and develop recommendations when appropriate.

Postsecondary Teachers

Postsecondary teachers develop lesson plans, teach classes and assess the work their students complete. Postsecondary teachers are also often involved in research in their subject field. A lot of the work that postsecondary teachers do is independent, which suits INTJ personality types, and it also lets them take advantage of their strategic skills to come up with effective lesson plans and compelling research projects.

Technical Writers

Technical writers write manuals and other materials that are designed to help people understand how to perform a task or use a product. They take information and break it down in a way that will make it easy to understand. A bachelor's degree is required to be a technical writer, and in some cases, technical writers may have an area of expertise that involves other training or work experience. INTJ personality types may find this career ideal because it involves working independently, and it also involves using strategic skills to determine the best way to communicate information to people so that they can understand the material.

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