Careers for People with ISTJ Personality Type (Myers Briggs)

Jan 17, 2020

ISTJ stands for introverted, sensing, thinking and judging. This is one of the most common personality types, and those with an ISTJ personality are known for dependability and loyalty. A wide range of careers, which are discussed here, are ideally suited for people with this personality type.

Career Options for ISTJ Personality Types

Since they are introverts, ISTJ personality types often prefer independent work. They are observant, pay attention to detail and like to follow the rules. They are also dependable; ISTJs like to be on time, work hard and perform their duties efficiently, which makes them great employees.

Job Title Median Salary* (2018) Job Growth* (2018-2028)
Accountants and Auditors $70,500 6%
Dentist $151,850 7%
Electrician $55,190 10%
Financial Manager $127,990 16%
Medical Secretary $35,760 16%
Police and Sheriff's Patrol Officers $61,380 5%
Umpires, Referee and Other Sports Officials $27,020 6%

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Information for ISTJ Personality Types

Accountants and Auditors

ISTJ personality types are logical and organized, and that makes them skilled accountants and auditors. They notice things that aren't right and can identify problems that need to be addressed. Accountants and auditors spend a lot of time looking over financial data, identifying problems and making recommendations to improve business practices based on that data. A bachelor's degree is required, and sometimes certification is also necessary.


Dentists need to graduate from dental school and they also need to be licensed. Part of their job involves determining what's affecting their patients, and another part of their job involves treating the patient for their dental needs. Since ISTJ personality types are talented at identifying problems, they can be very good at determining what's affecting their patients. Dentists also need to follow procedures to maintain safety standards for themselves and their patients, and because ISTJ personality types are thorough and pay close attention to details they can be very effective in the dental field.


Electricians are responsible for the electrical systems in houses, businesses and other structures. Their job might involve putting in the wiring and related systems when a structure is built or repaired, or running tests to determine what's causing a problem when an electrical system isn't working properly and then repairing it. They may work independently and need to be good at following safety protocols, running tests, evaluating information and acting on that information. ISTJ personality types can do well in this field because of their attention to detail and preference for following rules and protocols, as well as their ability to work alone. Electricians usually need to be licensed, and they may complete a postsecondary associate's degree program, attend a technical college program or finish an apprenticeship to prepare for this career.

Financial Manager

A bachelor's degree in a subject area such as business administration or accounting is required to pursue a career in financial management. Financial managers often have several years of experience in the financial field before they become managers. They spend a lot of time gathering data, making reports and analyzing the data gathered. ISTJ personality types can thrive as financial managers because they often work independently and need to be thorough and pay attention to details as they perform their tasks.

Medical Secretary

A high school diploma is required to be a secretary. Secretaries who specialize in a particular field, such as legal or medical secretaries, may choose to complete some postsecondary courses in terminology related to those fields, or they may also complete a relevant diploma program. ISTJs are punctual and reliable and pay attention to details, which are skills that secretaries need. Since medical secretaries spend a lot of time transcribing data, updating files and processing billing claims through insurance companies, they utilize many of the skills that ISTJ personality types possess.

Police and Sheriff's Patrol Officers

People with an ISTJ personality are rule-abiding, which makes them ideal candidates for a career in law enforcement. They're reliable and observant, and those are also skills that police officers rely on in their work. Police officers do not necessarily need a degree, but they must complete a training program prior to entering law enforcement. Police and sheriff's patrol officers help people in emergencies, investigate crimes and must follow legal procedures to apprehend suspects and pursue legal action against criminals. This is another aspect of law enforcement that suits ISTJ personality types, because they are good at following procedures and they are very thorough with their work.

Umpires, Referee and Other Sports Officials

Umpires, referees and other sports officials usually need a high school diploma, and they may need to be registered or licensed. The specific requirements vary state to state and may also vary based on the specific sport. Since ISTJ personality types follow the rules and value accuracy, they are ideally suited for a career that involves assessing players' conduct, evaluating the sport's rules and making determinations based on that information.

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