Careers for Persuasive Writers

Persuasive writers work to provoke a desired reaction from readers. There are many careers that involve persuasive writing, some of which can be found in this article.

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Career Options for Persuasive Writers

Persuasive writers use words to try and influence people to buy a product, vote in a particular way, or convince people to financially support a project or cause. Careers involving persuasive writing can be found in the table below.

Job Title Median Salary* (2016) Growth* (2014-2024)
Writer or Author $61,240 2%
Broadcast News Analyst $56,680 -13%
Public Relations Specialist $58,020 6%
Fundraiser $54,130 9%
Lawyer $118,160 6%
Copywriter $61,240 2-4%

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Information for Persuasive Writers

Writer or Author

Writers and authors focus on producing written texts in the form of books, stories, articles or other media. They may need strong persuasive writing skills to convince readers to buy or read their material, to make their characters or stories believable, or to motivate people to take a particular action. They may also write advertisements, which are intended to persuade people to buy products. Writers and authors typically hold a bachelor's degree in English, communications or journalism.

Broadcast News Analyst

A bachelor's degree is required to become a broadcast news analyst. Broadcast news analysts provide opinions, and are usually experts in a particular field such as healthcare or politics. They use persuasive writing skills to convince readers of the importance of a particular event or subject, or about action that they feel should be taken. Although broadcast news analysts may appear on a television or radio broadcast, they can also provide material in print, such as an editorial.

Public Relations Specialist

Public relations specialists are required to have a bachelor's degree. Written communication is an important part of their job; they write speeches and are involved in promotional campaigns on behalf of their clients. They must write persuasively to shape the public image of their clients in advertisements, printed materials and speeches. They may work for a celebrity, a government agency or an organization or business.


Fundraisers raise capital for organizations, often nonprofits or campaigns. They may pursue monetary donations, or donations of goods or services. They utilize persuasive writing skills to ensure that the material they write generates the intended impression. Fundraisers promote their campaign and convince the readers that their organization's work should be financially supported. A bachelor's degree is required to work in this field.


Lawyers need a law degree and license in order to practice law. They work with clients to resolve and settle legal disputes, and argue their interpretation of the law in court. As part of their work they may need to prepare persuasive speeches that will convince a judge or jury to adopt their view of a legal matter or support a motion.


Copywriters produce written text for advertisements and products. Their focus is motivating consumers to buy a product or use a service, and copywriters need to be able to produce strong persuasive writing that will appeal to the desired audience. Their work may be used for print or broadcast ads. A bachelor's degree is required to work as a copywriter.

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