Careers for Rebels

Jan 18, 2020

Why be tied to a desk or a time clock when a rebel like you was made to do something more alternative? Convention has its place everywhere else, but not in your world.

Career Options for Rebels

If you have more than just a rebellious streak and an entire attitude, it can feel torturous to think about a job in a cubicle. Well, fear not, because there are careers where you can let your rebellious side shine! While you may not get rich doing some of these jobs, and there may be more common options available, you aren't common, are you?

Job Title Median Salary (2018)* Job Growth (2018-2028)*
Reporters, Correspondents, and Broadcast News Analysts $43,490 -10%
Photographer $34,000 -6%
Fashion Designer $72,720 1%
Writers and Authors $62,170 0%
Environmental Lawyer $120,910 (for all lawyers) 6% (for all lawyers)
Musicians $28.15 (per hour) 0%

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Information for Rebels

Reporters, Correspondents, and Broadcast News Analysts

If you are someone who loves to dig for the truth and looks past the obvious answers to what may be hidden underneath, you could make a great reporter. You will work in the field finding new and interesting stories and investigate subjects by asking tough questions that demand answers. Journalists have rebelled throughout history by peeling back the wool from the eyes of society. With a bachelor's degree and a voracity for the facts, you will be able to carve out a place for yourself in a shrinking career field that needs more people like you!


Photography is a great industry for rebels. Whether it's bringing the fringes of nature into view of people who would never see it or capturing history, rebels have always found themselves behind cameras. Post-secondary education is a must because it will teach you about composition and the increasingly more technological aspects of photography. You can have the flexibility of freelance work, or you can find a job with a company.

Fashion Designers

Fashion is a whole industry built on rebellion because pushing the envelope past what is considered normal is just part of the job. Louis Réard flew in the face of convention when he first popularized the bikini swimsuit. More recently, the internet was set ablaze by the work of Elaine Chen and her colleagues when they launched a Kickstarter campaign for the RompHim, which is a romper made for men. Along with a bachelor's in fashion design or fashion marketing, designers need to be rebellious and have an eye for the next big thing.

Writers and Authors

Whether it's writing a thought-provoking novel, a bold new television show, or pieces for magazines dedicated to going against the grain, there are plenty of outlets for your rebellious self in the world of writing. Publications are always ready to hear brave new voices that fly in the face of what makes people comfortable and keeps the status quo. A degree in English, journalism, or communications can help you get your foot in the door, but it is hard work to get off the ground. Once you pay your dues, though, a rewarding career is waiting for you.

Environmental Lawyers

This career may not seem as edgy or as rebellious as the others, but it is. Our environment is constantly under attack from bad business practices, neglect, and oversights in regulations. Cases you may represent in this specialty area could involve clean energy, air quality, climate change, or land management. Protecting the planet is a big job, and for this one you will need a law degree and to pass the bar exam; but, if you are passionate about doing what's right and standing up while others sit down, this could be the perfect job for you.

Musicians or Singers

Being a musician is hard work that requires hours and hours of practice and a lot of dedication, so a career in music is not for those who give up easily. A formal education isn't required, but having post-secondary instruction can help to set you apart from the pack. In order to succeed, you have to be able to take rejection and criticism, but it will all pay off when your song hits number one on the charts or you fill a historic music hall with an audience. The ability to experiment and to be on the cutting edge of the next music wave takes a rebellious spirit, which may sound like you!

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