Careers for Spontaneous People

Jan 17, 2020

Having a spontaneous personality means you are impulsive and do things without having to be told. This quality can be good for some careers, such as when creativity is required, or you need to think of things quickly.

Career Options for Spontaneous People

Spontaneous people tend to act on their impulses, but that isn't all bad. In fact, this works well for many careers where coming up with new ideas is needed. Below are some career options for spontaneous people.

Job Title Median Salary (2018)* Job Growth (2018-2028)*
Daycare Worker $23,240 (for all childcare workers) 2% (for all childcare workers)
Advertising Manager $117,130 (for all advertising and promotions managers) 3% (for all advertising and promotions managers)
Camp Counselor $25,060 (for all recreation workers) 8% (for all recreation workers)
Actor $17.54 per hour 1%
Abstract Painter $49,380 (for all fine artists, including painters, sculptors, and illustrators) 1% (for all fine artists, including painters, sculptors, and illustrators)
Musician $28.15 per hour (for all musicians and singers) 0% little to no change (for all musicians and singers)

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Information for Spontaneous People

Daycare Worker

Daycare workers care for children in facilities when their parents or caregivers are unable to do so. Daycare workers often work with preschool teachers to instruct children in basic language skills to prepare them for grade school. They mainly care for children by making sure they eat and have proper hygiene. Working with children requires some energy and coming up with things to do, which having a spontaneous personality is good for. Daycare workers generally don't need more than a high school diploma, though some positions might ask for certification in early childhood education.

Advertising Manager

Advertising managers oversee a team of advertising professionals to piece together effective advertising campaigns. They also collaborate with their clients as well as financial staff. Since advertising managers must work with others to come up with unique ideas for campaigns, having a spontaneous personality helps. Advertising managers need a bachelor's degree and work experience.

Camp Counselor

Camp counselors are a type of recreation worker that oversees the activities of children and teenagers while they are at camp, whether a day or overnight camp. These camps can host many different activities, such as horseback riding, hiking, crafting, and so on. Having a spontaneous personality can help keep kids engaged and having fun at camp. Camp counselors need at least a high school diploma.


Actors perform scripts in front of an audience. They fulfill the role of one or more characters for the purpose of entertainment. Sometimes actors have to learn new skills in order to fulfill a role, such as playing an instrument or singing. Having a spontaneous personality helps actors learn new skills quickly. Actors also have to research characters in order to better portray them, and sometimes they will research characters by practicing improvisation. Being spontaneous is helpful for researching characters. Although a degree typically isn't required, most actors take classes or participate in a conservatory or theater program to strengthen their skills and receive formal training.

Abstract Painter

Abstract painters are considered fine artists, meaning they use mixed media to paint pictures. They can use a variety of media to achieve their artistic goals, such as acrylic, oil, pencil, charcoal, and so on. Abstract art, by definition, takes clearly understood images and moves them into less understood shapes and images. The ability to create art that is unconventional like this takes some spontaneity. Fine artists usually need years of training, often including a bachelor's or master's degree.


Musicians compose and play music in front of an audience, whether live or recorded. They practice their music by rehearsing before performances, they often travel, and usually must know how to promote themselves via social media and booking performances. Musicians play alone and with groups. Being spontaneous as a musician is helpful because it can take some effort to write music, such as taking the time to write when the impulse hits them. Musicians need no formal degree, but years of practice and experience are necessary to become successful.

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