Careers for Young Adults with ADHD

Jan 17, 2020

People with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder often do better in structured environments with clear expectations. There are careers that allow them the organization they need to go with their hyperactivity. This article addresses some career possibilities for young adults living with ADHD.

Career Options for Young Adults With ADHD

People with ADHD tend to be inattentive or hyperactive or impulsive or a combination of those traits. They tend to need a highly structured lifestyle and jobs that allow them to be organized while taking into consideration their hyperactivity. Below are careers that can suit the needs of young adults with ADHD, and some important information about entry-level positions.

Job Title Median Salary (2016)* Job Growth (2018-2028)*
Animal Care Worker $23,950 16%
Medical Records Technician $40,350 11%
Grounds Maintenance Worker $29,400 9%
Building Cleaner $26,110 7%
Fitness Trainer $39,820 13%

Sources: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Information for Young Adults with ADHD

Animal Care Worker

Many animal clinics and rescue centers need animal care workers to take care of the day-to-day business of looking after the animals. Young adults with ADHD may enjoy this work that requires them to be busy most of the time. These men and women feed and water the animals. They take the dog for walks. They also may monitor the more seriously ill pets or stay the night if some animals need constant care. Animal care workers have high school diplomas and specific animal care training.

Medical Records Technician

There's more movement involved with taking care of medical records than one might think. The job requires an employee to be detail-oriented in pulling records, proper filing, delivering and picking up patient records, and making sure records are properly coded for billing. Today medical record technicians are not only working with paperwork. They also take care of computer databases that contain patient records as well. This kind of job, with different components, allows people with ADHD the ability to move about and do different jobs while also needing to stay focused.

Grounds Maintenance Worker

Many people with ADHD enjoy working outdoors. One career field that fits that bill is being a groundskeeper or grounds maintenance worker. This work requires a lot of constant manual labor. These men and women may work for a building or a company and are tasked with taking care of lawns and grounds. They mow, weed, clip and water the day away in the great outdoors. Young ADHD adults who like working outside need only acquire some on-the-job training for this work.

Building Cleaner

Another mobile career might be work as a janitor or building cleaner. This work involves a variety of cleaning activities like vacuuming, dusting, mopping, and taking out trash. People with ADHD will have a variety of different things to do to help keep themselves on task. They may work a variety of offices in a building or large areas in one building. Building cleaning does not require formal education, but a lot of on-the-job training is involved.

Fitness Trainer

Individuals with ADHD normally need to be highly organized. Fitness trainers are highly motivated and highly organized and teach their fitness clients to follow a more organized lifestyle themselves. Depending on the specific fitness job, most trainers have at least a high school diploma and add an associate's in something like health, kinesiology or physical education depending on the job. Fitness trainers work with groups or individuals in setting fitness goals and teaching people how to physically attain those goals through exercise, proper nutrition, and weight training.

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