Careers in Business for People with INTJ Personality Type

Jan 16, 2020

Career Options for People Interested in Business with the INTJ Personality Type

People who possess the INTJ Personality Type on the Myers-Briggs scale are deeply committed to their professions, and enjoy the organization and completion of a job. For INTJ's in the business world, this motivation can carry them to a very lucrative and successful career. Below are some career options that might be a good fit.

Job Title Median Salary (2018)* Job Growth (2018-2028)*
Computer Systems Analyst $88,740 9%
Software Developer $105,590 21%
Budget Analyst $76,220 4%
Auditor $70,500 6%
Financial Analyst $85,660 6%
Personal Financial Advisor $88,890 7%

*Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Information for People Interested in Business with the INTJ Personality Type

Computer Systems Analyst

Computer systems analysts perform research on new and emerging technologies and determine their effectiveness for an organization or business. They conduct testing to ensure that their methods are accurate, and that these new systems function as expected. INTJ Personality Types enjoy developing solutions and strategies, so this is an ideal job for them. Though it is not always a requirement, a bachelor's degree in computer science or information science is a big help.

Software Developer

Software developers are the creative masterminds behind new programs and applications, and are a perfect fit for an INTJ Personality Type with an original and creative mindset. Developers in business recommend software upgrades for existing programs and systems in order to maximize productivity and profit. They also document each aspect of a new program or app, establish a standard for maintenance needs, and create flowcharts for instructions. Along with a computer science bachelor's degree, exceptional skills in programming are needed for this field.

Budget Analyst

Working with management to develop an organization's budget, budget analysts are in charge of providing recommendations for funding requests and justifying them to others in a business. They also monitor all spending inside a business to ensure that laws and regulations are complied with and budget constraints are met. A minimum of a bachelor's degree is needed to become a budget analyst, but some companies prefer those with a master's degree. The goal-oriented requirements of this job make it an ideal fit for an INTJ Personality Type.


INTJ Personality Types are experts at finding patterns and mistakes, which makes a career as an auditor a perfect choice. Auditors carefully maintain and organize financial records, and compute the amount of taxes owed by a business. Internal auditors examine an organization's funds for any potential mismanagement, and external auditors are hired by an outside organization. There are also information technology auditors, who ensure that financial data comes from a reliable source. Typically, a bachelor's degree is required, and some universities offer specialty programs for auditors.

Financial Analyst

Studying the trends of businesses and the economy, financial analysts evaluate data from the past and present to recommend investments for individuals and portfolios. They prepare written reports based on their findings, and perform examinations of financial statements to determine their inherent value. INTJ Personality Types tend to recognize patterns and overall trends, and are well suited to this work. A bachelor's degree will help those interested in a career as a financial analyst, but advanced positions usually require a master's degree.

Personal Financial Advisor

The job of a personal financial advisor is to educate their clients on making investment decisions. Advisors might have specialty areas, such as retirement or risk management, and may have authorization to make buying and selling decisions on behalf of their client. INTJ Personality Types excel at developing a long-range perspective and may enjoy this line of work. A minimum of a bachelor's degree is needed for a career in financial advising, and a master's degree, along with certification, will likely improve employment opportunities.

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