Careers in Military Science

Jul 13, 2018

This article focuses on careers that play a role in military sciences in our military. Each branch of the military is represented. We will discuss each career and its responsibilities.

The role of military science is pertinent to the health and strength of our military. The careers covered below contribute to the safe and secure enforcement of regulations in each of the branches of the military. We will explore the job responsibilities of each career.

Career Comparison

Job Title Monthly Base Pay (2018)* Applicable Military Skills
Military Police $1,514.70 (E-1) Use of Firearms, Quick Decision Making
Marine Science Technician $1,514.70 (E-1) People Oriented, Attention to Detail
Nuclear Medical Scientist $3,107.70 (O-1) Handles stress, Quick Decision Making
Biomedical Scientist $3,107.70 (O-1) Organizational Skills, Attention to Detail
Scientific and Technical Intelligence Officer $3,107.70 (O-1) Good Written Communications, Organizational Skills

Source: *Defense Finance & Accounting Services

Careers in Military Sciences

Military sciences study the processes, laws, and behaviors in our military. From intelligence to enforcing the law, security, and safety measures, the careers listed below address forms of military science in each of the five branches of the military: Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Navy, and Marine Corps. We will discuss the job responsibilities for each career.

Military Police

The enlisted military police position exists in both the Marine Corps and the Army. In the Navy, the police are called masters-at-arms and in the Air Force they are referred to as security force specialists.

Their primary responsibility in the aforementioned branches is the same: law enforcement. They strive to uphold the laws of our criminal justice system and maintain order. They protect the lives of their troops and the property on their bases.

Marine Science Technician

Marine science technician is an enlisted position in the Coast Guard whose primary responsibilities are to ensure the security of ports and safety of the marine environment.

Marine science technicians inspect vessels and onshore facilities to ensure that all systems are abiding by domestic and international laws. They also check shipping containers for the presence of hazardous materials. In addition, they scrutinize crew member living areas on non-domestic vessels.

Nuclear Medical Scientist

The nuclear medical scientist is a commissioned officer in the Army who is responsible for defending our Army troops and personnel on all concerns related to radiological and nuclear concerns.

The nuclear medical scientist officer performs operations that defend our Army troops against nuclear and radiological exposure and radiation hazards. They coordinate missions to eliminate nuclear matter. They are responsible for creating radiation safety programs. In addition, they contribute expert consultation on teams in charge of emergency response.

Biomedical Scientist

As a commissioned officer position in the Air Force, the biomedical scientist administers biomedical science programs and activities.

These programs and activities encompass technical training, clinical practice, research, operations, and therapeutics. They serve as a liaison between the Air Force, the Biomedical Sciences Corps, and the associate chiefs for each branch of the military. They advise medical facility commanders on how to establish and operate biomedical units.

Scientific and Technical Intelligence Officer

The scientific and technical intelligence officer is a commissioned position in the Navy. Their main focus is to prepare, analyze, and disseminate technical intelligence.

The scientific and technical intelligence officer gathers technical intelligence data about foreign naval affairs. They process and disseminate the gathered intelligence to Navy authorities. The intelligence information includes design, attributes, and future impact of the foreign materials and related scientific and technical matters.

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