Careers in Military Strategy

Aug 09, 2018

Strategy involves developing an action plan that will help to arrive at the desired result. Military strategy is therefore the business of planning and strategizing for the successful running of the military operations and missions. Below are a number of careers dedicated to military strategy.

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In military strategy careers, job holders strategically plan the allocation of military resources in the form of personnel, ammunition, training, medical care, food and other supplies needed for the successful running of military missions and activities. Below is a description of a number of these vital careers.

Career Comparison

Title Average Salary (2017)* Applicable Skills/Traits
Logisticians $99,976 Organization and planning skills, an understanding of military activities and their requirements
Logistics Specialists $92,748 Attention to detail, superior planning skills, diligence, an understanding of the procurement process
Business Operations and Management Analysts $119,313 Business training, ability to apply business concepts to military functioning
Combat Support Officers $108,516 Superior military training and combat skills, leader, ability to plan and strategize for battle
Business Operations Planning Analysts $120,171 Business training, ability to apply business concepts to military activity, attention to detail, problem-solver

Source:*Department of Defense

Strategy Careers for the Military

Military personnel who take on this career path must undergo normal military training before specializing in this field. They are trained to keep an eye on the military's accounts and records of supplies and equipment and to ensure that resources are used efficiently and effectively.


A logistician ensures that military personnel and resources are in the right place, at the time they are needed. Logistics specialists handle all the details, large and small, required to start a mission, such as arranging for the purchase, transport and maintenance of equipment and other resources. They oversee deployment and support plans from offices on military bases and utilize strong management and customer service skills. Professionals in this field need to able to make decisions under pressure and solve problems quickly to perform this job effectively.

Logistics Specialists

Logistics specialists are in charge of the entire supply chain, from sourcing, transportation, storage and delivery of military equipment, soldiers and supplies. These specialists are keen on details and spend their days creating logistics plans, overseeing the deployment of resources and evaluating transportation and purchasing plans for equipment and supplies.

Business Operations and Management Analysts

Business operations and management analysts in the military make plans and strategies using a business mindset that utilizes resources effectively. Based on their analyses, they make suggestions to their superiors regarding measures that should be taken to enhance the success of military activities and reduce waste. They also evaluate problems and come up with solutions for them.

Combat Support Officers

Although all military activities rely on proper strategy and planning, combat activities particularly require precision in their planning and execution to ensure battle success and to preserve the lives of the soldiers. This makes a combat support officer one of the key strategists in the military. The officer conducts surveillance, investigations and thorough assessment of the enemy and the battle ground; and based on this information arranges the battle formation, including the arms and the soldiers to be involved in the engagement. The officer may be a member of the Special Forces and has a superior understanding of battle skills, policies and tactics.

Business Operations Planning Analysts

Business operations planning analysts are the initiators of all planning in the military. They are the link between their superiors and the Department of Defense staff, creating the right environment for the implementation of policies and plans that facilitate military operations. The analysts also make suggestions on steps that the military should take to enhance its activities and the security of the nation.

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