Careers Involving Art & Design

Jan 17, 2020

Most career minded people want to be employed somewhere where they can display what they do best. Artistic people are the same. If these individuals are looking for an outlet for their skills, they may find it by combining their artistic skills with design.

Career Options in Art & Design

Artistic people looking to share their talents in the world of design have several career fields they may find interesting. These positions may involve sketching, computers, and knowledge of fabrics and material. Some art and design fields and vital information are included below.

Job Title Median Salary (2018)* Job Growth (2018-2028)*
Graphic Designers $50,370 3%
Fashion Designers $72,720 1%
Cover Artists $49,380 (illustrators) 1% (illustrators)
Art Directors $92,780 1%
Interior Designers $53,370 4%

Sources: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Information for Jobs in Art and Design

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers use their skills with computers to artistically manipulate art, photos and/or animation to create a visual concept for a client. Graphic designers may work in a digital world, but that world starts in the realm of art, be it photography, multimedia or animation. Graphic artists usually work with a team to create a brand for a client needing to sell something through advertising, billboards or magazines. Designers in this profession start with bachelor's degrees in graphic design or a related computer design field.

Fashion Designers

Fashion designers are artists who create clothing or accessories for people to wear. They begin their work doing sketches of ideas on paper, then they edit and refine the sketches to develop designs. Fashion designers must know clothing material and how certain fabrics will and won't lay. They work towards an overall design that reflects their insight and the desire of clients. Fashion designers normally have an undergraduate degree in fashion design or fashion merchandising.

Cover Artists

Cover artist normally start out as illustrators. Since the popularity of computers and graphics, more and more cover artists work digitally these days. They will still sketch freehand, but use computer design programs to color, shade and shape their work. Cover artists design work for everything from magazine covers, books, CDs and video games. They find a theme and create a design that will help sell that book, magazine or music product. Illustrators start their education with an interest in the skill and add a bachelor's degree in fine arts for the technical knowledge and to build their portfolio.

Art Directors

Art directors may work in a variety of fields taking charge of the artistic design of magazines, entertainment productions, or product brands. They will direct their teams in the overall creation of a goal using artwork or layout designs. They may work on an entire magazine or the set design and staging of a play. Art directors begin their careers with a bachelor's in either art or design. Some art directors may earn a degree in graphics, fine arts, photography, or editing. Afterward they obtain jobs in a specific field, such as movie production or publishing, and work their way up.

Interior Designers

Interior designers are in charge of the overall look of a room, a lobby, or a building itself. They start out by making sketches of ideas considering styles or themes settled on by clients or the creative team. Interior designers take into consideration things like lighting, colors and materials. They work with manufacturers, builders and craftsmen to artistically meet their goals. These jobs require a bachelor's degree in any field, though a major in interior design would be the most helpful. If they are not in the degree curriculum, classes in drawing and computer design are required.

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