Careers Involving Art & Fashion

Jan 17, 2020

Art and fashion careers may involve creating original designs and products, displaying those designs or choosing which designs will be sold in stores. Continue reading to learn more about jobs that involve art and fashion.

Career Options that Involve Art and Fashion

Art is an essential component of fashion. Those who create fashion designs or accessories need artistic talent to produce original material. People who work with art and fashion may perform tasks that range from creating images to determining what art and fashion products to sell in a store.

Job Title Median Salary* (2018) Job Growth* (2018-2028)
Fashion Designers $72,720 1%
Graphic Designer $50,370 3%
Craft and Fine Artists $48,960 1%
Model $23,770 -6% (decline)
Jewelers and Precious Stone and Metal Workers $39,440 -7% (decline)
Buyers and Purchasing Agents $62,750 -7% (decline)
Barbers, Hairdressers and Cosmetologists $24,830 8%
Photographers $34,000 -6% (decline)

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Information that Involve Art and Fashion

Fashion Designers

Aspiring fashion designers can prepare for their career by completing a bachelor's degree. In addition to studying fashion merchandising or fashion design, fashion designers need to be creative and artistic. They use their skills to develop fashions that will be popular with customers by choosing which fabrics to use, creating or revitalizing a design for different types of clothing and picking a theme for a particular project. They may also develop ideas for accessories to match the outfits they showcase. Creating their own designs gives them the opportunity to take advantage of their artistic skills in a career in the fashion industry.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers specialize in visual communication, and may develop concepts used for logos, or illustrations, or develop the layout for magazines or other printed materials. They need a bachelor's degree to work in this field, as well as artistic and computer skills, and may work regularly with an art director while performing their tasks. Their logo design work could be used on clothing, and graphic designers that are interested in fashion could opt to work on fashion magazines, where they will use their artistic design skills to contribute to the printed presentation of fashion images and information.

Craft and Fine Artists

Craft and fine artists include jewelry artists and tattoo artists. Jewelry is a fashion accessory, and tattoos may also be used as a fashion accessory. Although it isn't necessary to pursue formal training to work in this field, it's common for craft and fine artists to complete a bachelor's degree so that they can develop their artistic skills. The work that jewelry and tattoo artists do allows the artists to use their creative and artistic talents to produce work that can be incorporated into a fashion design or appeal to people with specific fashion styles.


Models may work directly with fashion designers to display their designs. This can be done through appearing in an advertisement or in a fashion show. Models need to understand the look that the fashion designer is striving for, and use their artistic performing talents to convey the appropriate attitude or image desired. They do not need a degree or any formal training.

Jewelers and Precious Stone and Metal Workers

Jewelers and precious stone and metal workers usually learn their craft through experience, and only a high school diploma is required. Some do opt to pursue trade school courses. They combine metals and stones to make jewelry. This allows them to take advantage of their artistic skills when designing a piece of jewelry. Since jewelry is a fashion accessory, the work that jewelers and precious stone and metal workers do to fix and create jewelry contributes to the fashion industry, and it may even be used in fashion advertisements or fashion shows.

Buyers and Purchasing Agents

Buyers and purchasing agents usually need a bachelor's degree. They decide what merchandise or services their employer will stock and resell. Buyers and purchasing agents who work for clothing retailers or jewelers need an understanding of fashion design, what will appeal to their clientele, and what conveys the type of image that fits with their company. Buyers and purchasing agents may also be involved in stocking artworks that are sold.

Barbers, Hairdressers and Cosmetologists

Barbers and hairdressers cut and style people's hair. Cosmetologists may help people pick out wigs, hair extensions, or determine the best makeup to use. All of these professionals can contribute to the fashion industry because they may be involved in preparing models for a fashion show or photo shoot. They need artistic skill because they must be able to produce a desired effect with their work. They do not need a degree but they need to be licensed and complete a program in cosmetology.


Photographers can enter their career field with a high school diploma and the ability to operate photographic equipment; however, some career opportunities, such as working as a photojournalist, will require a bachelor's degree. Photographers need to be artistic and understand what makes an image effective. They may work in the fashion industry and produce photographs of models for advertisements or magazine articles.

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