Careers Involving Books

Jan 23, 2020

You can make a career out of working with books if you choose the one that fits you best. Whether you want to write for a living or just study the past, you can use your passion for books in a successful career. Get info about job options for book lovers and what they require.

Career Options Involving Books

If you have always loved reading and collecting books, then you might consider making a career out of it. You can certainly have a successful career that involves writing, reading, cataloging, analyzing or even selling books if you consider everything available to you. Below are great career options for people who love books and want to work with them full time.

Job Title Median Salary (2018)* Job Growth (2018-2028)*
Librarian $59,050 6%
Archivist $52,240 9%
Author $62,170 0%
Editor $59,480 -3%
Bookstore Supervisor $39,630 (all retail supervisors) -2% (all retail supervisors)
Historian $61,140 6%

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Information for Careers Involving Books


Librarians are trained to help visitors find information on a variety of topics, both in books and on the internet. They may work in public, high school, medical, or university libraries. They need a master's degree in library science, and some positions may require further training and certification.


Archivists work with books and documents to preserve the past for visitors. Archivists are similar to librarians in that they are trained to properly organize information, and archivists deal mainly with books and documents having historical significance. They typically need a master's degree, and they usually work in archives attached to government buildings, universities, historical sites, museums, and so on.


Authors write books for public readership, and there is quite a variety of types of authors. There are as many of them as there are genres, including children's book authors, young adult fiction authors, romance authors, historical fiction authors, and so on. There are also many non-fiction authors who write books about history, how-tos, and many more topics. Authors typically need a bachelor's in English or a related field in order to succeed.


Editors work closely with books to prepare them for publication. Not only do they pay close attention to the tiniest of punctuation and grammar errors, but they make sure that the formatting, layout, and text flow is correct. They may work in an office, but more and more editors are working from home on a freelance basis. Editors need a minimum of a bachelor's degree in English or a related field.

Bookstore Supervisor

Bookstores are similar to libraries in the amount of books that are available for customers to read. However, no college degree is required to work in a bookstore as the supervisor or manager. Although supervisors will organize books and direct customers to the location of information, usually their experience working in retail is what is valued. These supervisors typically need about 5 years of retail experience.


Historians read books and historical documents constantly in search of the truth about the past. They may also travel to conduct research. Historians work at universities, historical societies, museums, archives, government organizations, consulting firms, and so on. Historians typically need a master's degree in history, if not a doctoral degree, for most positions.

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