Careers Involving Internet Research

The internet has increased the availability of knowledge in every industry in the economy. Many careers involve research, much of which can be done through the internet.

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Career Options Involving Internet Research

Internet research is becoming a daily task for many people. Some careers require it more than others. Below are great career options for people who like doing research online and want to do it full time.

Job Title Median Salary (2016)* Job Growth (2014-2024)*
Technical Writer $69,850 10%
Historian $55,110 2%
Private Investigator $48,190 (for all private detectives and investigators) 5% (for all private detectives and investigators)
Librarian $57,680 2%
Market Research Analyst $62,560 19%

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Information Involving Internet Research

Technical Writer

Technical writers prepare and compose written documents that contain technical material, such as manuals, journal articles, and the like, for companies primarily in the engineering and computer industries. Their goal is to make technical information easier to understand for both company employees and consumers. Much of the job requires research and finding out what users need to know, which can require using the internet. Technical writers need a bachelor's in English or something similar and experience in the industry they want to write for.


The majority of the work a historian performs is conducting research, much of which can be done on the internet. They read historical documents and books in an effort to more clearly understand the past. After conducting research, they compile their findings and present them. They tend to work for museums, archives, historical societies, and so on. They need a master's or doctoral degree in history.

Private Investigator

Private investigators find out information for clients that they can't find themselves, such as searching for missing people or doing background checks. Their work requires research that can be done on the internet, over the phone, and in person. They may investigate matters pertaining to the law, finances, or even personal things. They need work experience in this field, such as through police work or the military, but no formal degree beyond a high school diploma is needed.


Librarians do research on two fronts. They both assist others in their research and conduct research for their jobs. Most of the research is done on the internet, and since many library catalogs are digitized, even finding hard copies of books can be done on the internet. Their other duties include organizing materials, selecting new material for the library, training employees, and more. A master's degree in library science is usually required, and for some positions, further credentials are needed, such as a teaching certificate.

Market Research Analyst

Market research analysts must research how well a product is likely to sell, which means collecting data about the market, consumers, and competitors. Much of this research can be done on the internet. After gathering data, they analyze and report on it to their companies. Usually a master's degree is required as well as skills in analytics and math.

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