Careers Involving Math & Music

Math and music might not seem to go together, but a number of careers intertwine these disciplines. If your interests lie where these two worlds collide, you might find a career that brings math and music together.

Career Options for Jobs Involving Math & Music

The combination of math and music might sound like a bizarre one, but many different careers utilize both disciplines. The careers profiled in this list use mathematics as well as music in their work.

Job Title Median Salary (2016)* Job Growth (2014-2024)*
Producer $70,950 9%
Sound Engineering Technician $42,550 7%
Application Software Developer $100,080 19%
Electronics Engineer $99,210 -1%
Choreographer $23.19 (hourly) 6%
Librarian $57,680 2%

*Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

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Career Information for Jobs Involving Math & Music


As the architect behind a creative endeavor such as a film or TV show, a producer's duties are wide in scope. Math skills are utilized when budgets need to be met, and at the same time, producers are also in charge of the music selection for a video production. Producers also need to be sure that the project is finished by its deadline, and work with directors on tasks like editing and choreography. Producers typically possess a bachelor's degree, and come from a background in the creative arts.

Sound Engineering Technician

Sound engineering technicians use math and complex engineering equipment to layer pieces of music, effects, or even voices, creating a proper mix on a recording. With enough skill, they can work their way up to a supervisory position, such as a chief engineer or broadcast field supervisor. Job requirements tend to vary; sometimes, a high school education is sufficient, while others might need some college courses or an associate's degree.

Application Software Developer

Software developers are those who create programs from scratch. If, for example, they are developing a program or app used by musicians, a complex series of code involving mathematical equations will ensure that music is used properly within the application. Furthermore, some developers create flow charts that are used by their programming staff to write the code used for the program. Software developers must have excellent programming skills and a bachelor's degree in computer science.

Electronics Engineer

Those in electronics engineering design the components that go into various electronic devices, which may include portable music players or tuners for different instruments. Electronics engineers need a very strong mathematical background in calculus, trigonometry, and algebra to become successful in their field. Electronics engineers are required to have a bachelor's degree, and participating in a cooperative program or internship will help those looking for a career in this field.


Choreographers pick the music that is used for a dance sequence, and also need to use mathematical abilities to string together and synchronize movements to the rhythm of a song. They may be responsible for budget monitoring throughout a production. Choreographers have no specific requirements in formal education, but bachelor's and advanced degree levels are available for those who wish to study choreography.


Librarians organize all material within a library, which includes music that can be borrowed or listened to within the facility. Some librarians might also be in charge of preparing budgets, and music librarians will need to have extensive knowledge of the field. Librarians hold a master's degree, and other requirements might include a teaching certificate, or even a second degree, depending on the field.

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