Careers Involving Research & Writing

Many career fields combine research and writing as part of their regular duties. This can include the collection of data, filling out paperwork or creating and publishing written documents.

Career Options that Involve Research and Writing

Research and writing are important aspects of a number of careers. Research may involve creating and performing studies, analyzing test results or interviewing professionals or witnesses. The information gathered from the research can be used in the writing process to produce books, articles, brochures or other printed materials.

Job Title Median Salary* (2016) Growth* (2014-2024)
Journalist $37,820 (for reporters and correspondents) -8% (for reporters and correspondents)
Market Research Analyst $62,560 19%
Medical Scientist $80,530 8%
Psychologist $95,710 19%
Biological Technician $42,520 5%
Operations Research Analyst $79,200 30%
Author $61,240 2%

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Information for Jobs that Involve Research and Writing


Journalists follow up on tips or assigned story topics and learn as much as they can about a subject. Based on research, they write articles for newspapers, news blogs, magazines or online news sites. They spend most of their time researching or writing about different topics. Most journalists have a bachelor's degree in subjects such as communications or journalism.

Market Research Analyst

Market research analysts are required to have a bachelor's or master's degree in market research, statistics, or a comparable subject area. Their job involves researching how successful marketing strategies are, collecting data, and analyzing the information they've researched. They write reports about their findings to help companies make decisions about selling and advertising products.

Medical Scientist

Medical scientists need to have a Ph.D. or a medical degree. They develop plans for studies, analyze the materials collected in their study, and document their findings. Some may be involved in trying to determine what causes certain illnesses, while others may perform drug trials to figure out the best way to treat an illness. As part of their job they also write proposals for funding their studies.


Psychologists normally have a doctoral degree in a discipline such as psychology. They focus on studying how people behave and how their brains work. Their job involves researching subjects and using their tests to help better understand human behavior. While much of their work involves research, they also write reports about the conclusions they've reached from their studies.

Biological Technician

Biological technicians perform tests on biological materials, such as bacteria or blood. They have to write about the tests and research that they perform and document the process and conclusions. It is common for biological technicians to study biology or biological sciences, and they need a bachelor's degree to enter this career field.

Operations Research Analyst

An operations research analyst is responsible for analyzing data so that they can identify issues for organizations and propose solutions to those issues. Their work involves a lot of research; they have to get information from appropriate sources so that they can fully analyze issues. They document their process and write reports about their conclusions. Entry-level jobs require a bachelor's degree, although some employers prefer applicants with a master's degree in operations research, computer science or a comparable field.


It is common for authors to have a degree in a discipline such as English or communications. While their profession emphasizes writing, research is often necessary for authors to write their stories. Authors who write non-fiction works perform research to make sure they correctly present relevant details in their works. Fiction authors may also conduct research so that the details they include in their stories are believable for the audience.

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