Careers Involving Stem Cell Research

Jan 16, 2020

Career Options Involving Stem Cell Research

Stem cell research is an important component of medical research in this day and age. There are some different things you can do with this type of research. Below are some career options for people who want to work in stem cell research.

Job Title Median Salary (2018)* Job Growth (2018-2028)*
Bioengineering Researcher $88,550 (for all biomedical engineers in research and development in the physical, engineering, and life sciences) 4% (for all biomedical engineers)
Biomedical Research Assistant $52,330 (for all medical and clinical laboratory technicians) 11% (for all medical and clinical laboratory technicians)
Animal Technician $34,420 (for all veterinary technologists and technicians) 19% (for all veterinary technologists and technicians)
Cancer Researcher $84,810 (for all medical scientists) 8% (for all medical scientists)
Immunology Professor $82,550 (for all biological science teachers, postsecondary) 12% (for biological science teachers, postsecondary)

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Information Involving Stem Cell Research

Bioengineering Researcher

A bioengineering researcher or biomedical engineer works at companies that combine both medical and biological ideas and techniques to produce equipment and software. Some positions may require researchers and engineers to work with stem cells to create products for clients. Not only do they work in laboratories, but they may have to train staff, prepare reports, and so on. They need at least a bachelor's in this field in order to find a job at a laboratory, hospital, university, government agency, or other similar location.

Biomedical Research Assistant

Biomedical research assistants help a team conduct research in a laboratory. They usually take samples from patients and analyze them. Some positions allow assistants to work with stem cells in order to understand how they work, if stem cells will help the lab answer questions about the projects they are working on. Their findings are usually combined with the research of others on the team. In general, these assistants need a bachelor's degree, but some positions may require a master's degree.

Animal Technician

Animal technicians work in a variety of settings involving animals, including laboratories. Some laboratories working on stem cell research have positions for animal technicians to help take care of the animals they are working with, such as handling them gently, keeping records, and so on. These technicians usually need previous experience as well as an associate's degree in veterinary technology. They also may need licensing or certification as well as registering with the state.

Cancer Researcher

Cancer researchers are a type of medical scientist that investigate biological issues to do with cancer, including stem cell research. These researchers usually work in teams in laboratories to make medical discoveries. They may use trials and testing to achieve the results they are looking for. They usually need a Ph.D. or M.D. in a life science.

Immunology Professor

Like most college professors, immunology professors work at colleges and universities to instruct students in their field of expertise. They may also do research and publish it as part of their job description. Some universities look for immunology professors with a background in stem cell research in order to continue this type of research or contribute ideas based on this experience. They work in the biology department at most universities. Immunology professors need experience in the field and a Ph.D.

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