Careers That Involve Art and Cars

Jan 19, 2020

Although they are not typically thought of as a regular pairing, art and cars can come together in a few careers across different fields. Explore some of the jobs involving art and cars, their expected job growth rates and median salaries.

Career Options that Involve Art and Cars

While they may not all involve art and cars at all times, there are several careers that involve the two subjects in some way. These careers span different industries and involve various forms of art that may include cars as a subject. Learn about how a few of these careers involve art and cars below.

Job Title Median Salary (2018)* Job Growth (2018-2028)*
Fine Artists (Including Painters, Sculptors and Illustrators) $49,380 1%
Graphic Designers $50,370 3%
Art Directors $92,780 1%
Photographers $34,000 -6% (Decline)
Producers and Directors $71,680 5%
Painting and Coating Workers $36,810 2%

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Information for Careers that Involve Art and Cars

Fine Artists

Some fine artists may paint, sculpt, illustrate or otherwise portray cars in their artwork and may even use pieces of cars, such as hubcaps, for different materials in their work. These artists use various visual techniques, such as space and color, and different materials in their pieces to create different textures and perspectives. Fine artists need to maintain a professional portfolio of their work and may sell or display their work in galleries and different marketplaces. Typically these professionals hold a bachelor's or master's degree in fine arts.

Graphic Designers

Graphic designers may create logos, advertisements and other artwork that may depict cars in some way or even be applied to cars, like racecars, for advertising purposes. Their designs may be created by hand or using computer software and be based on various requirements or specifications from the client. Graphic designers usually need to have their designs approved by the client or an art director, make any necessary changes and carefully check the design for any errors prior to printing the design. Graphic designers need a professional portfolio and a bachelor's degree in the field.

Art Directors

Art directors could use different cars to help create a specific artistic and visual style for movie or television productions or magazines. These directors oversee different artistic and creative departments to create and maintain the overall look of a particular project. This requires them to make many creative decisions about which art or visual concepts to use, all while keeping a project running within a specific budget and timeline. Art directors usually have work experience in an art occupation and at least a bachelor's degree in a design or art field.


Some photographers may specifically photograph different kinds of cars as a form of art, while others may incorporate cars into their photos with human models, scenery and other subjects. Most photographers today use digital cameras, various lighting techniques and some sort of photo-enhancing software to create high-quality images. They typically archive their work and keep a portfolio to demonstrate their work and attract new clients. Photographers usually do not need a formal education and only need a technical understanding of the field, but some positions, such as photojournalists, need a bachelor's degree.

Producers and Directors

Similar to art directors, producers and directors may use different kinds of cars in their commercials, television or movie productions to create a specific look or special effect. Producers make the financial and business-related decisions for a production, and may be involved in setting the budget for props, like cars, and hiring crew members. Directors make the creative decisions of a production and may decide which kind of car and other props are needed, which kind of special effect should be used and how actors should respond based on the script and the desired vision of the project. Producers and directors need prior work experience in the industry, as well as a bachelor's degree.

Painting and Coating Workers

Some painting and coating workers actually specialize in painting cars and are called transportation equipment painters. They usually operate special machinery and equipment to apply the selected coating or paint, and prior to application they must ensure that the car or other product is clean. These workers must also carefully clean their equipment and work areas to make sure different paints and coatings do not get on additional products. Painting and coating workers typically have a high school diploma and complete on-the-job training.

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