Careers that Involve Working with Kids

Jobs in several different fields involve working with kids of all ages. We discuss some of the job information, including salaries, expected growth and job duties, for a few of the possible careers involving kids.

Career Options that Involve Working with Kids

There are a variety of careers where you can work with kids, including jobs in the fields of education, social services and medicine. For those who enjoy interacting with children of different ages, we have created a table that lists a few of the available occupations that involve working with kids.

Job Title Median Salary (2016)* Job Growth (2014-2024)*
Childcare Workers $21,170 5%
Child and Family Social Workers $43,250 (for all child, family and school social workers) 6% (for all child, family and school social workers)
Middle School Teachers $56,720 6%
Coaches and Scouts $31,460 6%
Pediatricians $168,990 10%
Recreation Workers $23,870 10%

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Information for Careers that Involve Working with Kids

Childcare Workers

Childcare workers care for children of within a wide range of ages when their parents or families are unavailable, due to work, illness, etc. Depending on the age of the children they work with, these workers may need to change diapers, help with schoolwork and plan learning activities for the children in their care. They may also feed, clothe and bathe children as needed, as well as create predictable schedules for them. Childcare workers update parents of any issues they may notice or concerns they may have about a child's development or emotional state. Educational requirements for these workers can include professional certification, though in some cases no formal education is necessary. Requirements largely depend on the state and/or employer.

Child and Family Social Workers

In general, social workers help clients manage a variety of problems that occur in everyday life by referring them to community resources and making regular follow-up visits, among other tasks. Social workers may choose to specialize in working with kids and their families. These social workers fight for the protection of children and help ensure that families have what they need to properly care for them. They may respond to emergency situations of abuse or neglect, arrange adoptions and foster situations and help families secure housing or food stamps. Social workers who work with kids and families typically hold a bachelor's degree.

Middle School Teachers

All teachers at the preschool, elementary, middle and high school levels interact with and educate kids, but middle school teachers specialize in teaching children in the 6th-8th grades. They may teach a variety of subjects, which involves planning lessons, designing assignments and tests and managing their classrooms. They update parents on students' progress, supervise children during free-time and prepare kids for standardized tests. Middle school teachers need a bachelor's degree, and those working in the public school system must have a license or certification.

Coaches and Scouts

Coaches at the amateur level may work with kids within a wide range of ages to teach them a particular sport. They run practices, teach them the rules of the game, show them proper technique, design plays or team strategies and make the decisions during a game. Coaches may also mentor children and offer advice about their future in a sport. Scouts usually do not interact with kids until they are teenagers or young adults, at which point they recruit high school or college athletes to play for a specific school or professional sports team. Coaches and scouts may or may not have personal experience with the sport that they work with, but they usually hold a bachelor's degree.


Pediatricians are physicians who specialize in working with patients from their infancy up until young adulthood. They perform many of the same tasks as any other physician, such as recording medical histories, updating medical information, examining patients and designing treatment plans, but they are specially trained to work with young people. They check for proper development, administer vaccinations at the appropriate ages and treat injuries and illnesses that may be common in young patients. They may specialize further in pediatric surgery or in the care of young patients with autoimmune disorders and other serious medical conditions. Pediatricians must complete a bachelor's degree program in addition to a 4-year medical school program and a residency in pediatrics.

Recreation Workers

Recreation workers may work with children of all ages, as well as adults. Those who work with children may plan and oversee recreational activities at places like playgrounds, public pools, camps and more. They must first ensure the safety of all participants by enforcing rules, and then explain and help kids participate in different activities, like sports, arts and crafts, music and camping. Recreation workers may need to arrange equipment and provide basic first aid during an activity if needed. Most of these workers get on-the-job training and have at least a high school diploma or equivalent.

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