Careers that Require Strong Communication Skills

Strong communication skills are a necessary tool for many jobs that are available these days. People with good communication may be interested in this article that discusses some communication fields they may not have considered.

Career Options for Those with Strong Communication Skills

Companies recruit people for many jobs that require strong communication skills. Some common fields include sales work, marketing and counseling, but there are some atypical fields that require these skills as well. Several of these jobs are listed below with some vital information on each career.

Job Title Median Salary (2016)* Job Growth (2014-2024)*
Clergy Member $45,740 5-8%
Psychologist $75,230 19%
Sales Manager $117,960 5%
Telemarketer $24,300 -2% (decline)
Actor $18.70 per hour 10%

Sources: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Information for Jobs Needing Strong Communication Skills

Clergy Member

Ministers and preachers conduct religious ceremonies and worship programs. Good communication skills in these positions are very helpful. These skills also come in handy when they work as counselor's guiding their parishioners in various sessions. The duties of these careers may also involve leading bible classes and other religious teaching. Most ministers hold at least a master's degree in some form of theology.


Strong communication is necessary for the success of psychologists. These professionals utilize their studies into human behavior during therapeutic sessions with clients: listening, observing and explaining the reasoning behind certain behaviors. Successful psychologists are able to communicate not only with clients but with other professionals when presenting findings or working with other doctors. A doctorate degree is typical for these professionals; however, a master's may suffice in some instances when working under a doctor's supervision.

Sales Managers

Sales can be a lucrative job career. Sales managers working with a team need to be able to sell a product and coordinate team dynamics. Sales managers must be well versed in the products they sell so they have confidence in those communication skills to effectively answer buyer's queries. They need to be precise and clear in any communication forms from phone, email or text. Sales managers must earn a bachelor's degree and have experience as a sales representative or a master's degree for this position.


Telemarketers depend on their strong phone skills to make contact and convince a client to take action of some kind. Communication skills are their bloodline to be successful if they are selling a product (i.e. insurance) or convincing someone of follow up on some important information (i.e. voting). Good telemarketers have honed their communication skills with hours of time on the phone learning how to talk to all kinds of people. Telemarketers usually have a high school diploma or equivalency to start these jobs.


Actors live to be in front of a camera or on a stage. To be believable, they must communicate their character's foibles convincingly to movie patrons in front of a big screen or theater fans in the back seats of a live stage production. Actors learn lines, rehearse blocking and perform for an audience. Most actors normally perfect their craft while earning a bachelor's degree or attending drama school, but formal education is not expected.

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