Cheapest Occupational Therapy Master's Programs

Dec 16, 2019

This article will provide an overview of the cheapest graduate programs in occupational therapy, what the programs entail and what their general admission requirements are.

Occupational therapy is a practice that uses certain activities to help persons with physical or mental ailments to recuperate. In some cases, master's degree programs in occupational therapy may cost less for those who have an undergraduate degree in a similar area or are practicing occupational therapists as they may not need as many introductory courses. The cheapest programs may cost less than $50,000 while the more expensive ones can go to $70,000 and above.

Typical Courses in the Cheapest Occupational Therapy Master's Programs

The cheapest master's degree programs in occupational therapy can have as many of 93 credit hours of course materials. Most of these programs can be completed within a little over two years and a few of the common courses are shown below.

Research in Occupational Therapy

These are the kinds of courses that teach students about research methods as well as data analysis as they relate to occupational therapy. In these courses, students may learn how to search through literature for the interventions that are needed in a professional practice. After completing the courses, students should be able to make decisions on a patient's treatment based on the results of their research.


Fieldwork courses in occupational therapy master's programs are generally designed to give students 'hands-on' experience in carrying out an occupational therapy practice. Some of these courses may take the form of an internship or involve seminars. In some programs, these courses may focus on rehabilitation or working with youth.

Administration and Organization of Occupational Therapy Practice

The courses that handle these topics may introduce students to the principles involved in running an efficient occupational therapy practice. Students may learn about the factors that can affect administrative roles such as internal interactions with personnel as well as external requirements. A few of the other topics that can be covered include marketing, budgeting, and leadership.

Occupational Therapy Intervention

Courses of this nature can introduce students to the basic elements of occupational therapy interventions or go into more advanced information. Some of these courses may teach students about the assessment tools and techniques they'll need before carrying out an intervention on a patient. In other courses, students may analyze the intervention practices that are currently being used in occupational therapy practices.

Health-Related Community Service

These types of courses usually combine theoretical health-related information with a practical aspect. Students may promote health and wellness in the local community while working on the client management skills they will need as a practicing occupational therapist. Some of the topics that may be included in these courses are a community culture, occupational performance skills and the prevention of health-related issues.

General Admission Requirements for Master's Programs in Occupational Therapy

The minimum admission requirement for master's programs in occupational therapy is an undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university. Some programs may require a minimum GPA of 3.0. If the prerequisite courses were taken prior to applying to the program, prospective students will need to submit the relevant transcripts. Applicants may also need to submit supporting documents such as school transcripts, passing scores on the GRE, a personal statement, letters of recommendation and a current resume.

The price range for the cheapest master's degree programs in occupational therapy can start below $50,000. Some of these programs are designed for persons with no previous knowledge of occupational therapy and can cover course topics such as interventions, research, and administration.

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