Christian Work From Home Jobs

Depending on personal interests and particular skill sets, there are several different types of Christian-based work from home careers available. These positions span various fields, including business, education and design. Explore a handful of the available Christian work from home jobs.

Career Comparison

Job seekers may find work from home jobs for Christian-based organizations and companies. Learn about some of these careers and how they offer flexible hours and the ability to work from home.

Job Title Median Salary (2016)* Job Growth (2016-2026)*
Graphic Designers $47,640 4%
Writers and Authors $61,240 8%
Retail Sales Workers $22,900 2%
Childcare Workers $21,170 7%
Postsecondary Teachers $75,430 15%

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)

Career Information for Christian Work From Home Jobs

Graphic Designers

The BLS reported that in 2016 about 18% of graphic designers were self-employed, which can often allow them to work from home as long as they have the necessary tools to create their designs. Some of these graphic designers may do freelance work and/or work for a Christian-based organization making designs related to the faith. Graphic designers typically use software to create a variety of visual images that convey a message, such as logos, advertisements and other images. This requires them to select the colors, fonts and layouts that meet the goals and specifications of their clients. The clients usually approve the designs and then graphic designers carefully check again for any errors before they print or publish the designs. Graphic designers typically need to hold a bachelor's degree in graphic design or a related field and maintain a professional portfolio of their work.

Writers and Authors

In 2016, 64% of writers and authors were self-employed, according to the BLS, and most writers and authors can work from anywhere they have access to a computer, including at home. Writers and authors may work for Christian publishers to write faith-based books, magazine articles and web content or publish their own Christian blogs, songs or other media. Writers and authors may need to conduct some research into a particular subject to ensure accuracy and detail in their work. Typically they will write and submit multiple drafts of their work to editors to check for readability and any grammatical or spelling errors, and then the piece is ready for publication. Writers and authors need a college degree in English or a related field, and any pertinent experience is helpful.

Retail Sales Workers

There are several different kinds of Christian businesses that hire sales workers to sell their items from home. These workers may call customers, promote items through social media or sell items out of their home for these organizations. In general, retail sales workers sell clothing, cosmetics, plants, books, home goods and any other number of items to customers based on their needs and wants. These workers must know enough about the products they are selling to answer any questions that customers may have and be able to explain how to properly use the item, if applicable. Retail sales workers also accept payment for their goods and communicate with customers about any sales or promotions of their products. They usually do not have education requirements, but likely go through some on-the-job training.

Childcare Workers

According to the BLS, 29% of childcare workers were self-employed in 2016 and 18% of childcare workers worked in private households. These workers may choose to offer childcare services out of their own home and incorporate the Christian faith into the service or offer care for members of a specific faith or Christian religious community. Childcare workers may care for multiple children of various ages while their parents and families are working or otherwise unable to look after them. This may require them to clean, feed and dress children, as well as transport them as needed. Childcare workers often plan fun age-appropriate activities for children, ensure their safety and help provide a predictable schedule and routine. Depending on their state of employment, childcare workers may not need a formal education or may need certification in early childhood education.

Postsecondary Teachers

Depending on their particular background and education, some individuals may enjoy working as a postsecondary teacher for a Christian school online from home. Working for a Christian institution may allow teachers to cover a range of topics within related subject areas. Postsecondary teachers usually need to develop their own curriculum for each course that they teach in a particular subject area, such as math, English, religious studies, biology, physics or education, as well as design the assignments and exams for students. They need to be available through email or online chat to answer students' questions and must grade assignments as necessary. Postsecondary teachers also need to stay updated on current events and developments in their particular field to best educate their students. These educators usually have a PhD in their particular teaching area, but some positions may only require a master's degree.

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