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Writing has been an important part of culture and society for millennia. If you have a passion for the Christian faith and writing, you may want to combine them with one of the following career options.

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Have you ever wanted to combine your love of writing and your faith? As a Christian writer, you may find that you are worried about the kind of employment prospects out there for you. Before you even begin your post-secondary education, take a look at these jobs to see if you want to begin that path.

Job Comparison

In the table below, we've taken a look at some jobs that could include a lot of writing and could be in a Christian setting. Along with educational requirements and the employment outlook, we'll also look at the most current median salary for these careers.

Job Education Required Employment Outlook (2016-2026)* Median Salary (2017)*
Author Any (Bachelor's Degree preferred) 8% (all writers and authors) $61,820 (all writers and authors)
Freelance Writer Any (Bachelor's Degree preferred) 8% (all writers and authors) $63,490 (writers and authors for religious, grantmaking, civic, professional, and similar organizations)
Clergy Bachelor's Degree 8% $47,100
Advertising Manager Bachelor's Degree 10% (advertising, promotions, and marketing managers $129,380 (advertising, promotions, and marketing managers)
Professor Master's Degree 15% (all postsecondary teachers $76,000 (all postsecondary teachers)

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

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Overview of Christian Writing Jobs

There are a number of opportunities out there for Christians who love to write. Obviously there are jobs specifically in writing, but there are other careers that incorporate the written word in other ways, as well. Find professions where you can bring your Christian ideas into the workplace.


Becoming an author is a bit of a challenging career since there are many people seeking publication. There are numerous publishing companies that publish all genres of faith-based books, including Christian romance, Christian fantasy, Christian thrillers, and of course Christian historical fiction. To become a writer, all you need to do is write! There is no specific education requirement, but you must write and then seek a literary agent, submit to pertinent publishers, or self-publish. Literary agents often focus on who they represent based on genre, so this is where you'll set yourself apart from other writers. Seek out an agent who will represent you with Christian publishing companies.

Freelance Writer

There are websites and postings all over the Internet advertising freelance writers for Christian magazines, websites, blogs, and journals. For this type of job, you may want to consider what type of writing you want to do and whether a career as a freelance writer is for you. Work can sometimes be sparse, and you will be in charge of your own promotion, but you'll also be able to select your own hours. Many Christian magazines accept submissions once the work has already been completed. These could range from true stories to reflective articles to research or statistical articles. Depending on your self-promotion skills, you may want to sign up with a freelance agency to help find some of the Christian organizations.


If writing and God are your passions, it may make complete sense to consider a position as a minister or pastor. There are many denominations that allow either gender to take a liturgical role with the church. Some of these positions require a graduate degree. Many of these pastors and ministers write their own homilies or sermons to present weekly to their congregation. You must have a good command of communication and writing if you want to get your meaning and lessons across. You may also need to work on bulletins or newsletters for your congregation. Finally, consider the idea that many pastors and ministers continue their work through research writing, radio shows, and other possible entertainment arenas.

Advertising Manager

If you're sick of hearing advertising campaigns that say 'sex sells,' you may be ready to change the way products and services are marketed toward a more Christian attitude. As an advertising manager, you'll plan out promotional campaigns, create advertising, and overall create interest in products. It takes a very creative mind to work in this field, and most begin their career and education with a bachelor's degree in advertising or journalism. Your work could occur in a number of areas or focus on one medium, such as websites, billboards, commercials, or print ads. You'll also need to work with clients to discover what they desire from the advertising campaign, while making sure your client is happy for repeat business. Most likely, you'll conduct market research studies and negotiate advertising contracts for your clients, as well.


College professors typically need a doctorate to teach full-time, but many begin as adjunct professors with a master's degree. You might work as an English or literature professor at a Christian college or university. You'll spend a lot of time discussing literature, readings, and going over student papers. For the papers, you'll need excellent grammar and writing skills to help students advance in their education and writing skills. You'll also have the freedom to discuss Christian authors, books and topics. Theology schools can also help to create the next generation of Christian educators and workers. If you'd rather teach, perform research and publish through a public university, you might consider working in the fields of philosophy or religion.

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