Civilian Jobs for Military Recruiters

Mar 19, 2018

Military recruiter veterans are often good at sales as well as management. Those skills are in high demand in the civilian workforce. Discover civilian careers for veteran recruiters.

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Military recruiters handle a number of tasks related to boosting enlistment, including attending job fairs, conducting interviews and helping recruits complete the application process. Veterans with this background may take their pick from a number of interesting well-paying careers that match their skills well. Below are five career choices.

Career Comparison

Job Title Median Wage (2016)* Job Growth (2016-2026)* Applicable Military Skills/Traits
Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists $62,560 23% Experience with data and demographic analysis
Training and Development Specialist $59,020 12% Participation in presentations and preparations
General and Operations Managers $99,310 9% Management of staff and processes
Human Resource Managers $106,910 9% Ability to attract and recruit talent through effort and benefits packages
Marketing Managers $131,180 10% Creation of campaigns, experience managing teams and events

Source: *U.S.Bureau of Labor Statistics

Civilian Careers for Military Recruiters

Given that military recruiters often have good people skills, there are a number of careers that are suitable which make the most of these. In addition, their experience fits in well with human resources. Veterans may find that they have an advantage over others in many of the following careers.

Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists

This can be a good choice for recruiter veterans who have a gift for data analysis and research. Veterans with experience in researching and planning publicity may do best in this career.

Market research analysts and marketing specialists work with and gather information about market conditions from a variety of sources. These can include internal databases, customer questionnaires or other sources. This data can be segmented by a number of features, from age or occupation of respondents, to regional or local segmentation. This information and research allows for targeting for the most effective marketing program. This career requires a bachelor's degree.

Training and Development Specialists

Military recruiter veterans are experienced at putting on public presentations to promote military service and find candidates. This may be a good foundation for a career in this field.

Training and development specialists work with senior management and department leaders to develop programs to help workers be more effective. Once they have determined what the training needs are through consultation, programs are developed that address those needs. They may be presented live, or they may be delivered as manuals or over the internet. A bachelor's degree is necessary in this career.

General and Operations Managers

Given that military recruiters have a talent for making themselves aware of all of the needs of an organization, as demonstrated by their ability to recruit for an entity as large and varied as any branch of the U.S. Armed Forces, this may be a good position for recruiter veterans. In addition, many organizations may find military experience to be a plus.

General and operations managers perform a number of functions within their organizations. They may be involved in planning and policy decisions, personnel and resource issues, as well as ongoing operations. The scope of these duties is often too broad and general to fit into a single department category. Those interested in pursuing this career will need a bachelor's degree.

Human Resources Managers

Veteran military recruiters are experienced at finding talent and bringing it on board and into their organizations. Their ability to attract recruits and also help them through the complexities of application and benefits may make this a good career choice.

Human resources managers are responsible for overseeing human resources departments. This includes staff recruitment and management as well as benefit coordination and all necessary reporting requirements. In this position, managers also research and plan benefits. They address workplace problems involving employees and/or management as well. A bachelor's degree is required for this position.

Marketing Managers

For sales-oriented recruiting veterans, this may be an exciting position. Experience working directly with the public and handling promotional efforts for the military may provide an edge over other candidates.

Marketing managers set the tone of marketing campaigns, making decisions on budget matters, distribution of the messaging and information, as well as final approval of content produced by their creative teams. They must have the ability to produce budgets and report on the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. They generally have a bachelor's degree at minimum.

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