Civilian Jobs for National Guard Soldiers

Jan 15, 2018

With the uncertainty of deployment on the horizon it is important those in the National Guard have a successful civilian career. We've compiled five careers in the medical and technology sectors that may be a great fit for you.

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Many reserve members of the military could find it hard to obtain a civilian career while balancing their time in the National Guard. After all, National Guard members can be deployed whenever they are needed. But, you shouldn't let this be a deterrent from finding a well-paying civilian career. There are plenty of military-friendly careers perfect for certain individuals enlisted in the National Guard.

Career Comparison

Job Title Median Salary (2016)* Job Growth (2016-2016)* Applicable Military Skills/Traits
Nurse Practitioner $100,910 36% Sense of responsibility, ability to handle high-pressure situations, professionalism
Physical Therapist $85,400 25% Knowledge of maintaining physical condition, will to help others, strong desire to achieve goals
Audiologist $75,980 20% Willingness to assist others, strong desire to achieve goals
Medical Assistant $31,540 29% Ability to navigate a team environment, understanding of working toward a common goal, sense of responsibility
Computer Systems Analyst $87,220 9% Professionalism, problem-solving ability, drive for continued learning

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Information on Civilian Jobs for National Guard Soldiers

Employments rates in both the medical and technology sectors is expected to see considerable growth in the coming years. Many of the career paths in these fields could be the perfect fit for those in the National Guard. Members of the National Guard are known for their professionalism, high levels of responsibility and ability to take on a task regardless of its magnitude. Below are five civilian career choices members of the National Guard should consider making their everyday work.

Nurse Practitioner

A master's degree is required for those entering the nurse practitioner field. Nurse practitioners help with a variety of different medical situations, and nurse practitioners can facilitate and handle patient care as well as specialize in certain types of healthcare. Typical tasks performed by nurse practitioners include determining various health issues, understanding and recording a patient's medical history, running diagnostic tests on patients and administering patient's treatment plans. In addition, members of the National Guard can be great candidates to become nurse practitioners as they carry the highest level of professionalism, work well in team environments and display a strong set of critical-thinking skills.

Physical Therapist

With a projected job growth of 25%, a career in physical therapy is looking brighter than ever. Physical therapists are tasked with helping individuals recover from debilitating injuries. Every patient they handle has a unique situation that needs to be addressed with specific treatment regimens. From improving patient's movement to complete rehabilitation, physical therapists address many health problems. Becoming a physical therapist can be just the right choice for those in the National Guard. Members of the National Guard have an excellent understanding of the physical condition, a will to help others, and they approach life with an attitude that deems nothing as impossible. In order to become a physical therapist, it is necessary to have a doctoral or professional degree.


The field of audiology is quickly expanding. This is due to audiologists being integral in helping those with hearing issues identify their problem and regain their hearing. The tasks of an audiologist include, but are not limited to, prescribing hearing aids, administering treatment programs to patients and educating patients on how to avoid hearing loss and ear damage. You will use and master a variety of different instruments in order to perform your work, such as computers, audiometers, cochlear implants and more. Those who choose to pursue a career as an audiologist should be expected to perform their job with the highest level of professionalism, have a strong desire to help others reach their health goals and be able to handle the stress that can come with the position. Fortunately, qualified members of the National Guard are equipped with the skill set to meet these expectations.

Medical Assistant

As the medical job sector continues to grow, medical assistants are increasing in demand. Someone who seeks a career as a medical assistant must be ready to perform a variety of different tasks in potentially high-pressure environments. For example, medical assistants are needed in hospitals, doctors' offices, rehabilitation clinics and countless other medical facilities. As a medical assistant, it's not surprising that in one day you will take a patient's vital signs, assist doctors with examinations and even administer shots and medicine. If you wish to become a medical assistant it is required to have a post-secondary non-degree award and that you bring the right demeanor and can-do attitude to the job. Certain members enlisted in the National Guard may be great medical assistants because of their responsible attitude, ability to navigate a team environment and familiarity with high-pressure situations.

Computer Systems Analyst

In this day and age, there's no doubt the amount of jobs in the technology sector will continue to increase. And, careers in computer science and computer-related fields are set to see good job growth in the years to come. This career choice is a unique one, as it combines prowess in informational technology and the business sector. As a computer systems analyst, your job is to create solutions for companies who wish to better organize and facilitate their computer system and technological needs. Performing computer system testing, supervising the installation of new computers and devising cost-benefit analysis plans are a few tasks associated with this versatile career. As a member of the National Guard you are instilled with critical-thinking skills, unparalleled professionalism and a greater sense of cooperation--a skill set that comes in handy when pursuing the route of a computer systems analyst.

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