Cloud Engineer Vs. DevOps Engineer

Dec 21, 2017

Cloud engineers and devops engineers are advanced IT professionals with distinct responsibilities. Take a closer look for a detailed breakdown of what these career titles mean, what the jobs entail, and how they compare.

Comparing Cloud Engineers to Devops Engineers

The 'cloud' refers to the Internet, and cloud engineers build platforms that allow individuals and organizations to store and work with data and programs online. Devops is short for 'development and operations,' and devops engineers are part of teams that help bridge software development, engineering, and management to speed up the delivery of software applications and services. Both are tech gurus on the cutting edge of software architecture.

Job Title Educational Requirements Median Salary (2017)* Job Growth (2016-2026)**
Cloud Engineers Bachelor's Degree $93,408 6% (computer network architects)
Devops Engineers Bachelor's Degree $91,230 24% (software developers)

Sources: *Payscale, **U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Responsibilities of Cloud Engineers vs. Devops Engineers

Both cloud engineers and devops engineers make use of computer languages such as Java and CSS. Cloud engineers design remote platforms where data and files can be saved and accessed. Devops engineers are agile team members who help facilitate speedy and successful product release by splitting their time between designing software and getting it to customers. Devops engineers may assist with cloud development, but they also work with online applications and downloadable software. Cloud engineers work to design cloud systems primarily on behalf of companies, while devops engineers focus on streamlining the development and release of a company's software products and services (including cloud services).

Cloud Engineers

Cloud engineers create remote networks that companies can use to share and communicate data, conduct big data analysis, store back-up data, and even test and develop applications. The cloud architecture they build is large enough to suit multiple users and handle massive data sets. The first step for cloud engineers is to study a company's business plan to create a system that fits their needs. To learn more, they can converse with staff to determine system requirements, including what the cloud platform will be used for and by whom. This allows them to create a roadmap for design using programs like Azure and AWS. They then execute the design by building cloud infrastructure systems.

Job responsibilities of a cloud engineer include:

  • Brainstorming creative cloud solutions
  • Ensuring compatibility across Windows, Lenux, and iOS systems
  • Protecting an organization's information over the cloud
  • Developing monitoring strategies that align to company goals
  • Updating firmware and drivers as needed

Devops Engineers

Devops engineers collaborate with development and operations teams to help create reliable and rapid release pipelines for software and updates. This typically involves creating custom automation tools, standardizing technologies, and improving operations efficiency. As agile team members, their goal is to speed up the processes involved in creating and delivering software. This covers extensive technical responsibilities, including tracking design bugs and automating the debugging process for developers. In terms of efficiency, they may document and standardize engineering procedures, build and maintain configuration and deployment frameworks, and create best practices style guides and standards.

Job responsibilities of a devops engineer include:

  • Finding new opportunities for automation
  • Utilizing automated configuration tools like Chef and Puppet
  • Maintaining and deploying web-based applications
  • Monitoring security issues
  • Measuring performance against expected business outcomes

Related Careers

If you enjoy computer coding, as cloud engineers do, you may want to research a career as a computer programmer, since they also use programming languages. If, however, you are more interested in developing software, much like devops engineers do, you could look into a position as a software engineer, as they too build computer programs and systems.

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