Coast Guard Civilian Intelligence Jobs

Feb 13, 2020

Many different occupations exist within the field of Coast Guard civilian intelligence, including software developers and general and operations managers. Most of the time, these roles will require extensive computer work.

Jobs related to Coast Guard civilian intelligence offer varying compensation and have different applicable skills. Below are several options to explore including job outlook and descriptions.

Coast Guard Civilian Intelligence Job Comparison

Job Title Average Salary (2018)* Job Growth (2018-2028) Applicable Military Skills/Traits
General and Operations Manager $100,930 annual Faster than average Communication, working with others
Computer and Information Systems Manager $142,530 annual Much faster than average Reasoning, communication, reading comprehension
Management Analyst $83,610 annual Much faster than average Judgment and decision making, speaking
Computer Systems Analyst $88,740 annual Faster than average Reasoning, analysis
Information Security Analyst $98,350 annual Much faster than average Problem solving, speaking
Software Developer, Applications $103,620 annual Much faster than average Programming, analysis, evaluation

*Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Coast Guard Civilian Intelligence Job Careers

Those in the Coast Guard civilian intelligence field generally spend a large portion of their time working with computers. Within these occupations, reasoning and resolving complex issues are paramount skills, especially when working in a fast-paced environment. Teamwork and leadership capabilities are also incredibly important. An analytical mindset is often required to digest complex information.

General and Operations Manager

In this role, employees will take on the responsibilities of directing and coordinating public or private sector institutions. This is among the top of the hierarchy. More specific duties include having to create and enact policies, implementing the use of human and material resources, such as other employees, and managing the day-to-day operations of these organizations. This position is a bit of a catch-all executive role, so leadership is vital to success here.

Computer and Information Systems Manager

This position is a step down in the hierarchical ladder from general and operations managers. This role directly manages and oversees fields like electronic data processing, system analysis, and computer programming. They also delegate tasks to other department heads in order to resolve any issues that may occur. As with general and operations managers, this role takes on a lot of leadership responsibilities.

Management Analyst

These analysts generally conduct reviews in order to elicit effective and efficient operation of the organization. In doing this, they design systems and procedures through the use of studies or evaluations to provide feedback for upper management. Key tasks can include interviewing personnel and analyzing data. After the implementation of changes based on analyst recommendations, they may also meet with affected personnel to ensure that the newly implemented systems or procedures are functioning as intended.

Computer Systems Analyst

The analysis of data to improve computer systems is a basic overview of what can be expected in this role. This data can come in many forms, including science, business, engineering, or general problematic data based on user feedback. With this data, analysts monitor, maintain, and test computer programs and systems to ensure proper working order. If not in working order, they troubleshoot these errors to restore the system to functional.

Information Security Analysts

As the title suggests, analysts in this role monitor and upgrade computer network security protections. If a breach has already taken place, they also respond and attempt to eliminate these attacks or viruses. Risk assessments and the execution of tests to evaluate the functionality of data processing systems and security measures is also a big part of this role. This can include modifying computer security files to implement new software.

Software Developers, Applications

This computer programmer-like role works specifically on the creation of software applications based on user needs. Software is designed or customized with the intent of maximizing organizational workflow. Database analysis and design is also a big part of this job, either individually or as part of a development team. Other tasks can include modifying existing software to reduce errors and using mathematical models to predict the results of design.

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