Computer Jobs that Pay Well

For individuals who enjoy working with computers and have an educational background in a relevant field, they will likely be qualified for any number of high-paying jobs in this field.

Career Options in Computing that Pay Well

There are a wide variety of career options in the world of computers that pay very well. Because working with computers takes a good deal of training and skill, as well as the vital roles played in a company's success, employers generally offer prospective employees attractive salaries. Regardless of whether you are more interested in management, design, or general computer maintenance, there are options that meet your interests. Below, we will look at five different high paying jobs that involve computers.

Job Title Median Salary (2016)* Job Growth (2014-2024)*
Computer and Information Systems Manager $135,800 15%
Computer Hardware Engineer $115,080 3%
Computer Network Architect $101,210 9%
Software Developer $102,280 17%
Information Security Analyst $92,600 18%

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

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Career Information for Computer Jobs that Pay Well

Computer and Information Systems Manager

As a computer and information systems manager, you are responsible for overseeing all the IT projects and activities in a company or organization. Your specific roles will depend on the job, but many computer and information systems managers perform similar duties. These include making sure the computing needs of the company are met and that all technology being used is up-to-date. You also would make sure computers and other hardware are maintained properly and upgrade them when necessary. The manager generally oversees the rest of the computing and IT staff and may delegate specific roles and duties. To become a computer and information systems manager, you will need a bachelor's degree in a field like computer or information science. Managers also usually have a number of years of work experience in the field.

Computer Hardware Engineer

Computer hardware engineers work with different types of computer hardware, like circuit boards, routers, and memory devices. They may design new types of hardware that are faster, smaller, or more efficient. They also test existing hardware to make sure it is operating properly. One of their most important duties is to make sure various pieces of hardware will be able to operate new software versions. This involves making updates to the hardware. Some engineers may work in hardware manufacturing and be heavily involved in the actual creation of the hardware itself. To become a computer hardware engineer, you will need a bachelor's degree in the subject.

Computer Network Architect

The main role of a computer network architect is to design and build different types of communication networks. This includes building local networks between office buildings to wide area networks that multiple users can access from anywhere. Much of the computer network architect's time is spent in the planning and development phase of new networks. They make sure the proper software and hardware is available to support the network, develop and present plans to company executives to explain the details of the network and why it is a good idea, and ensure the proposed network would be secure and safe. You will need a bachelor's degree in a field like computer or information science, along with some work experience, to become a computer network architect.

Software Developer

Software developers design all different types of computer programs. There are two major types of software developers - applications software developers and systems software developers. As an applications software developer, you would work with individual clients and large corporations to create software that will be used directly by customers. This includes game software, word processing software, and photo editing software. Systems software developers design entire operating systems for computers that allow them to function properly. To become a software developer, you will need a bachelor's degree in computer science and be capable of computer programming.

Information Security Analyst

Information security analysts are primarily concerned with making sure a company's or organization's computer systems are safe and secure. They put a number of different security measures in place to thwart cyber-attacks, information stealing, and other security breaches. Some of these security measures include installing firewalls and encrypting data, as well as performing mock attacks to test how secure the computer network or system is. Information security analysts report their findings to other IT staff and may oversee the implementation of more security measures. You will likely need a bachelor's degree in a computer-related field to become an information security analyst, as well as some work experience.

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