Copywriter Vs Graphic Artist

Jun 04, 2020

Comparing Copywriters to Graphic Artists

Copywriters and graphic artists both use their creativity and talent to deliver content, though in different capacities, and their work is sometimes used by advertising professionals. Copywriters produce text for clients, while graphic artists create images, often for clients or employers, but sometimes just for the sake of art. Further down, you can read more about the similarities and differences between these careers.

Job Title Education Requirements Median Salary (2019)* Job Growth (2018-2028)*
Copywriter Bachelor's degree $63,200 (for all writers and authors) Little to no growth (for all writers and authors)
Graphic Artist Bachelor's degree $47,241 (2020)** (for all graphic artists/designers) 3% (for all graphic designers)

Sources: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, **

Responsibilities of Copywriters vs. Graphic Artists

Copywriters and graphic artists often work in publishing, usually in advertising or print media. However, copywriters only work on creating textual content. They work in offices, either at an employer's location or from home. Graphic artists usually focus on using artwork to create visual layouts, though they may incorporate text to some degree if it assists in the emotional delivery of the art. Graphic artists may work in studios, whether at an office or at home, like graphic designers do.


Copywriters compose written content for advertising campaigns or themes. They may write the lyrics to television or radio commercial jingles. They may even work with their clients or employers to come up with catchy slogans. Copywriters who work from home may have to travel to meet with clients or employers, and those who are self-employed may have to work many odd hours, like evenings and weekends, to produce the content for an order. No matter where they work, copywriters, like many writers, may be able to set their own schedules.

Job responsibilities of a Copywriter include:

  • Consulting with graphic designers to come up with advertising campaigns
  • Composing eye-catching headlines
  • Contributing to the voice or image that a brand has
  • Doing research to back up their content
  • Making modifications to their clients' liking

Graphic Artist

Graphic artists working in the art industry compose works of art that usually express an emotion or evoke a certain kind of mood. Although not always used in a commercial capacity, the art of graphic artists is usually commissioned by companies who need images for things like tissue boxes or logos. To finish their projects, graphic artists may use digital design software. Graphic artists who work for companies might find themselves part of a team of other designers and professionals.

Job responsibilities of a Graphic Artist include:

  • Using photo-editing software to modify and design images
  • Following guidelines given by employers or clients
  • Brainstorming new ideas for websites or other content
  • Communicating effectively with customers and work team members

Related Careers

Those interested in becoming a copywriter might think about pursuing a career as a technical writer, since both careers require writing for a specific type of client. People who like what graphic artists do might also like what illustrators do, as both jobs require using or creating artwork.

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