Creative Jobs for Stay-at-Home Moms

Creative stay-at-home moms have several different career options that may provide flexible schedules and extra income for their families. We explore a few of these occupations, as well as their education requirements.

Creative Career Options for Stay-at-Home Moms

There are many job opportunities for stay-at-home moms to make some extra income that require various kinds of creative skills and allow for flexible schedules. Here are a few of the possible creative jobs for stay-at-home moms across several different fields.

Job Title Median Salary (2016)* Job Growth (2014-2024)*
Photographers $34,070 3%
Writers and Authors $61,240 2%
Craft Artists $33,440 1%
Fashion Designers $65,170 3%
Film and Video Editors $62,760 18%
Bakers $25,090 7%

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Information for Creative Jobs for Stay-at-Home Moms


Portrait and fine arts photographers are two kinds of photographers that likely provide the most flexible schedules for stay-at-home moms. Stay-at-home moms who work as portrait photographers may set up their own studio in an extra room or space in their house, and they schedule clients around their kids' schedules. They may also specialize in shooting events, such as weddings. Fine arts photographers can also create their own schedule and choose the subject of their photos, which may allow for the most creativity. Most photographers use digital cameras and photo-enhancing software to achieve the desired look in their photos. Formal education is not necessarily required, but some photographers may have a postsecondary degree.

Writers and Authors

Writers and authors develop written content for different forms of media. Stay-at-home moms who are interested in writing may find the most work as a freelance writer or a blogger. Freelance writers are self-employed and may have the most creative freedom as they write anything from poetry, to novels, to plays. They may sell their work to magazines, internet sites, publishers and more. Bloggers are responsible for writing posts or short articles about a particular subject on a web log. They may have their own blog or write for someone else's blog. Writers and authors usually have a bachelor's degree and great writing skills.

Craft Artists

Craft artists create a wide array of functional, handmade items. This career could be ideal for creative and crafty stay-at-home moms as they create their pieces in their spare time. Craft artists may make pottery, textiles, glassware and more that they sell or choose to display. As artists they must select their materials, design their product and incorporate various techniques of their particular style. Some craft artists may keep a portfolio that demonstrates some of their work to potential clients. Craft artists do not require a formal education, but practice and repetition helps them improve their work.

Fashion Designers

Although perhaps on a smaller scale, stay-at-home moms interested in fashion could find work as fashion designers. They may design and make clothing, accessories, footwear and more. Stay-at-home moms may not have their designs on the runways at big fashion shows, but they could sell their products locally and/or online. Fashion designers come up with creative designs and then must choose the fabrics and materials needed to create their ideas. These professionals typically have a bachelor's degree.

Film and Video Editors

Film and video editors are responsible for editing and organizing video footage into a final product. Stay-at-home moms who have skills in the field may choose to work as videographers. Videographers are freelance workers with their own business who use their creative talents to film special events, like weddings. Videographers need to keep accurate financial records, get copyright protection for their work and must edit their own material. Editing video typically requires the use of special video editing software. Film and video editors need to have a bachelor's degree.


Stay-at-home moms who love to bake delicious, homemade treats may enjoy a job as a baker. Bakers use creativity as they try new recipes for baked goods, like cakes, breads and pastries, and decorate their creations. Stay-at-home moms may create delicious treats for things like birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries and other events. Most bakers learn on-the-job, but may pursue programs at technical or culinary schools. At home bakers should check with their state to determine if a permit or license is required to sell their home-baked items to the public.

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