Creative Technology Master's Degree

Oct 01, 2019

There may not be many graduate degree programs that concentrate specifically on creative technology but the topic is also covered in computer science as well as design and technology graduate programs.

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When it comes to the area of creative technology, there are only a few master's degree programs that specialize in it. However, it's possible to learn about creative technology while completing master's degrees in design and technology and computer science. This article will present an overview of these master's degree programs and some of the courses that are generally included in them.

Overview of Master's Degree Programs Related to Creative Technology

Master of Fine Arts in a Design and Technology Field

These programs are usually comprised of 60 credits and can be completed in two years. They are open to persons who have an undergraduate degree in a similar field from an accredited college or university. These programs tend to be heavily hands-on as students work in a studio to carry out their projects. Students will usually take courses focused on design, creativity and the use of computers in these programs. Along with school transcripts, students may be required to submit a resume, letters of recommendation, a statement of purpose and a portfolio of their work.

Master of Science in Computer Science With a Focus on Creative Technologies

Programs of this nature can take a minimum of 32 credits to complete and offer the added benefit of being STEM-related. When enrolled in these programs, students will learn about graphics, animation, artificial intelligence, and algorithms. Applicants can apply with a bachelor's degree in computer science or a related area from an accredited college or university. These programs may also require the submission of a current resume, passing scores from a GRE test and a personal statement.

Master of Science in a Media and Technology Field With a Focus on Creative Technologies

When enrolled in programs like these, students are likely to go through workshops and projects as well as lectures over a period of two years. The courses will generally include topics related to software development, graphics, data systems and different types of technologies. To be considered for these programs applicants must have an undergraduate degree in a related area from an accredited college or university. When submitting school transcripts, applicants may also need to submit letters of recommendation, a statement of purpose, a current resume, passing scores on a GRE test and an online portfolio of their work.

Overview of General Courses in Master's Degree Programs Related to Creative Technology

These are a few of the courses that students can expect to cover when enrolled in a master's degree program that's related to creative technology.

Courses that Explore Using Computers to Enhance Creativity

When it comes to programs that are related to creative technology, these are the kind of courses that introduce students to how they can use computers in the design process. The topics covered will generally include important concepts in computing and coding. Students may also develop skills pertaining to laser cutting and 3D printing.

Design-related Courses

These kinds of courses can cover a range of topics related to design methods and theories among other things. When enrolled in these courses, students can expect to be exposed to different types of multimedia systems that can be used to create content. Students will also be taught how to assess the design and identify problems.

Projects Carried Out in a Studio Environment

Regardless of the main master's degree program, students will need to complete studio-based projects. These projects will require the students to take a hands-on approach to learn new material while utilizing what they have already learned. Projects also give students the opportunity to develop their presentation skills.

Courses Related to Animation and Simulation Activities

These types of courses are designed to show students other ways they can use a computer when exploring design. Students will, therefore, cover vital information for creating and manipulating computer-generated animation or simulations. Given the nature of these courses, it's best if students have some knowledge and skills in computer programming.

Thesis-related Projects

These projects are the culmination of all the students' work during the master's degree program. Unlike the other projects where students are provided topics by their instructors, students must decide their own topic for a thesis project. Because of this, thesis projects are generally research-intensive as the students will need to present new information that is applicable to what they have been studying.

While there are a limited number of master's degree programs that focus only on creative technology, persons have the option of enrolling in computer science or design and technology master's degree programs that will cover the topic. Prospective students only need to meet certain minimum requirements such as a bachelor's degree in order to apply.

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