Curriculum Development Manager: Salary & Job Description

Curriculum development managers create training programs that they use to instruct employees. This article looks at their typical duties as well as their income, job outlook and educational requirements.

Career Definition of a Curriculum Development Manager

Curriculum development managers create the programs needed to teach employees specific skills and information. Their objective is to ensure that employees are fully trained when hired and that they continue to receive ongoing training so that they perform according to workplace expectations. Workplace training can be used to educate employees about new company policies, procedures or technology. The curriculum development manager must identify training needs. This involves gathering data, talking to other managers and reviewing employee performance. Any information that can help identify training needs, such as customer feedback or complaints, is considered.

Once the curriculum development manager has determined what training is required, they begin to create a curriculum for that training. They clarify the goals of the training, produce training materials, review available training resources that they can use as part of their program and produce a curriculum plan. They also prepare handouts or other materials that those receiving training will need. They implement the training program with employees. They also assess existing training programs and determine how effective the training programs are. As needed, they may update or modify training programs to incorporate new technology or information. Curriculum training managers may lead in-person training or they may provide online instruction.

Educational Requirements Bachelor's degree
Job Skills Instructional skills, organizational skills, analytical skills, communication skills, interpersonal skills, analytical skills, problem-solving skills, computer skills
Average Salary (2017)* $93,718
Job Outlook (2016-2026)** 10% (training and development managers)

Sources: *; **U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Required Education

Curriculum development managers must have a bachelor's degree in a relevant field. It's common for them to study education or to major in human resources to prepare for this career. Other areas of study that can be an asset include business. These professionals need several years of relevant experience in the field, and earning a master's degree in a field like instructional design may be an asset and reduce the amount of workplace experience required.

Required Skills

Curriculum development managers rely on analytical skills to identify areas where training is needed. Their problem-solving skills are utilized regularly when they develop strategies to address specific training needs. They must have strong organizational skills so that they can present information in a logical manner than people can follow. They also need strong communication skills to produce clear curriculum guidelines. Their work also involves regularly interacting with others, so they must have good interpersonal skills.

Career Outlook and Salary

Curriculum development managers are included with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) listing for training and development managers. From 2016 to 2026 the BLS expects the average rate of job growth for all occupations to be 7%. During this ten-year period the BLS forecasts a 10% rate of growth for training and development managers. In 2017, reported that curriculum development managers enjoyed an average annual income of $93,718.

Related Careers

Individuals who are interested in a career as a curriculum development manager typically need several years of relevant experience and may want to consider opportunities to teach adults or develop academic curriculums to prepare for their career as a curriculum development manager. Information about some related careers can be accessed through these links.

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