Data Analysis for Management Online Certificate Courses

Jun 06, 2020

Overview of Online Certificate Programs in Data Analysis for Management

Data is becoming increasingly essential in our global economy. Therefore, is it important that business leaders know how to use data to make decisions, predict trends, and understand customers in order to improve their return on investment (ROI). To learn these skills, managers can earn a certificate in business analytics, data analytics for management, or data analysis for management.

Online programs can be completed in 2-3 months. Each week students receive assignments, web links, video lectures, quizzes, and more, and some programs offer the help of a support advisor.

Certificate Program Information

Online certificate programs in data analysis for management teach leaders how to conduct data analysis, interpret the results, and use these results to make informed decisions, predict trends, develop strategies, or share their insights using visualization tools. Students will learn data analysis techniques and concepts and how to apply these to datasets; some may complete a capstone project for mastery.

Information & Requirements

Most certificate programs are designed for those who want to learn how to use the data their company is already collecting to make informed decisions. Programs often require a time commitment of 5-10 hours per week for at least 8 weeks, and a good number sense. No prior data analysis experience is required.

Many programs are fully online, self-paced, and cohort-based. They are taught via recorded and live video lectures. The certificate programs are designed for business managers, vice presidents, account managers, executive directors, financial analysts, college graduates, and other business leaders. A certificate of completion is provided upon completion of the program. Some programs require students to get an average of 50% or more on the quizzes in addition to completing the course.

Common Online Courses for Data Analysis in Management

Descriptive statistics

Basic statistical topics such as central tendency measures, standard deviation, normal distribution, probability, sample, and population are introduced in this course. These topics are then applied to business examples to teach students how to use a small amount of numbers to summarize data.

Predictive analytics

In order to take data and apply statistical modelling techniques to gather insights and make informed predictions, you will need to learn predictive analytics. This involves learning how to clean data in order to prepare it for regression analyses, exploratory data analyses, and predictive modelling. The tools learned in this course can be applied to many areas of business including accounting, marketing, finance, and strategic planning.

Data visualization

After taking raw data, cleaning it, summarizing it, and finding the relationship between variables, data visualization is used to translate this process into a graphic story. Data visualization is the way that insights gained from data analysis are translated to the public in a concise, relevant manner.

Example Programs for Those Interested in Data Analysis for Management

Most schools and business schools in particular offer online certificate-granting programs in business analytics. A few programs are described here.

Harvard Business School

Students can earn a certificate in business analytics from Harvard Business School Online. This program is designed for college students, college graduates, and mid-career professionals; it is fully online and a new cohort starts each month. It requires a 5-6 hour time commitment each week for 8 weeks, and is made up of 5 modules. No prerequisites are indicated. To enroll, students must be 18 years of age and older and English-speaking. The program costs $1,600. It can be combined with two other courses--Economics for Managers and Financial Accounting--for a total cost of $2,250 to complete the Credential for Readiness (CORe) program.

After learning basic and advanced statistical techniques such as descriptive statistics and multiple regression analysis, students will learn how to apply those skills to predict sales, staffing needs, and check inventory. A certificate of completion is provided to students who complete the 5 modules by the due date and earn an average of 50% or greater on quizzes.

Wharton School

The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania offers a certificate program called Business Analytics: From Data to Insights. This is for vice presidents, account managers, executive directors, financial analysts and other business leaders. The program is delivered in a 10 week fully online module format, and includes 4 live teachings lessons and 1 data analytics simulation that are delivered via recorded and live video lectures. The time commitment is 3-6 hours per week over a 3-month period. The cost is $2,600.

The program aims to teach business leaders how to predict and forecast business outcomes, understand employee performance, and use insights to recommend changes. Students will learn how to identify a problem, collect data actively through surveys, and analyze available datasets. Case-based real-life examples from multinational corporations are used to foster learning. A certificate of completion is provided upon completion of the program.

Data analytics is a critical skill for business managers and leaders who want to use an evidence-based approach to decision making. There are several fully online programs that provide certificates in this growing and in-demand field.

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