Data Governance Analyst Vs. Data Architect

Oct 16, 2019

Data governance analysts and data architects are professionals who specialize in information technology. To learn more about these careers and their differences read on.

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Comparing Data Governance Analysts to Data Architects

Data governance analysts manage the people and processes for the IT department. Data architects build designs that are integrated into a larger IT plan. Both of these professionals should be educated in a computer related field at the post-secondary level. This will ensure they can perform functions with database systems, understand IT functions, and how their processes work together. Data governance analysts put guidelines in place for all IT designs. Data architects form strategies to inform managers of issues within the system and how to fix those problems. Furthermore, they design the functions within a database.

Job Title Educational Requirements Average Annual Salary* (2019)
Data Governance Analyst Bachelor's in Business Management or IT $68,467
Data Architect Bachelor's in Computer Science related field $115,207

Source: *

Responsibilities of a Data Governance Analyst vs. Data Architect

Data Governance Analyst

Data governance analysts oversee planning and control of all data related aspects in a company. They cover areas such as data policies, data quality, business process management, and regulatory compliance. In this profession one will be expected to enforce design plans that have been agreed upon. These individuals set in motion a plan that helps a company to maximize its use of database systems and enforce standard policies and procedures. Data governance analysts will use business plans and technology to help a business focus its database in an efficient and structured way. They will need to understand business plans so they can formulate designs that will help alleviate confusion and complications with the database. This information helps a data governance analyst make decisions for the company. When errors occur in a system they need to have the knowledge to fix problems that happen.

Job duties of data governance analysts include:

  • Reorganizing data so it is easy to understand and read
  • Meeting with other employees, engineers, and management to gather information and recommendations for changes needed for the database system.
  • Managing issues in the database
  • Using a variety of computer programs to analyze information
  • Using data issues from the past to form strategies for future plans

Data Architect

Data architects organize data using their specialized computer skills. They put forth the plan that a data governance analyst has approved with organizational leaders. These professionals are detail orientated and use organizational skills to design and structure data. They bridge the gap between business plans and IT performance. They plan and strategize how to execute plans which they turn into models. Communication will be key as they will communicate highly complex technical data information to non-IT employees. They can be in charge of IT plans of all kinds. This can include encryption, cloud storage, networks, data processing, interactive technology, and access. Data architects are usually employed with companies that process high volumes of data.

Job duties of a data architect include:

  • Communicating with other team members within the IT department to form strategies
  • Developing data models
  • Keeping records of all data architecture produced for the company
  • Problem solving and troubleshooting issues within the data architecture system

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